Put In Gold in arena battles


This idea has been in my head on and off. I decided to officially post it.
We don’t really get much gold in arena battle. Even then, the most we receive are from the 5 daily battles. That’s it. This idea of Putting in gold before the battle is basically a wager. You wager on you winning. Let me explain better.

Before you go into battle, there is the choosing mech screen…

At the same time, there be 4 options of How Much you want to put in. Three Gold options or Nothing

That’s not the official amount, just an idea.

Now what you put in doubles from the game, if you win. You also receive the amount your opponent put in. For example: You chose to put in 25,000 Gold, and your opponent chose 10,000. You win the battle, so you receive 50,000 Gold, plus the 10,000 Gold your opponent put in, and at the same time he/she looses 10,000 gold. If you lost, your opponent gains 20,000 Gold plus the 25,000 gold you put in, which you end up loosing that amount. What if you chose to put in 25,000 and he/she chose not to put in and won. Your opponent gets nothing, yet you loose 25,000. They must put in to receive what you put in.

Not putting a poll. I want to read your opinion on this.


Cool Idea!!! :grinning:


Mech roulette now with bidding.


For once a idea I like, idk about the amounts but the idea is a good one. Unless you are trying to make rank there really is no reason to do more than the 5 daily arena battles. The gold and the xp gain is pointless


Looks like a cool idea

But seems to just make sm a gambling game at that point


Not necessarily, you are already “gambling” a star everytime you enter the arena. This is just a added bonus if you win.


There are a lot of games that have gambling, especially on FB.


Oh and the Big gamble with tokens and premium packs and chests


Can we gamble real money as well that sounds like a cool idea.


Real $$$ would probably be the tokens…

This actually be more fun, because I only do 5 battles a day. This would make me want to do more.


ed zachery




Uh, No… I’m not gonna waste away money. I loose too much… I rather do gold… lol Damn, I be rich if never loose…


Make it so if you bet an amount (let’s say 50,000 ), if you win, you get the 50,000 gold back plus an additional 50,000, but if you lose you lose the 50,000 gold. Your opponent gets none of your gold if they beat you, only double the gold they put in. That would be less confusing, and more balanced for when people bet different amounts.

Edit: coins to gold


legal casino :joy:


This game is slowly turning into a Casino Game , Lmao , no offense here , i like this idea


No gambling !! when there is 99% luck