Put an end to Havoc


Do away with havoc. I have never seen the point in havoc.[poll type=multiple min=1 max=1]

  • Yes, time to end Havoc.
  • No, Havoc is fun.


what !!! , are u insane , what is Andromeita and his AGE alliance gonna play if there is no Havoc :smiley: , jokes apart, havoc is a good way to learn the game fast. I myself learned how chasis works and about ion canon uses (previous to that i just used to ion peoples colonies and be like , die , this is your punishment for conquering me) on one of these 3 ticker Havocs. Its a fun way to learn the basic game stuff fast and you can always try a few new tricks with help of your friends. And sometimes (very few times) admins keep some special event on these havocs and give some blue token rewards. Plus its better than watching at a paused screen for next 5-6 days.


Havoc is there to get things ready for next era see it as a break for the admins so no it wont get removed.


Havoc is not for serious play, but for casual fun where you USUALLY don’t run out of things to do if you wanna do them :slight_smile:
It’s a fantastic way for newbies to experience some features of the game they normally can’t do to being hunted by the pro’s. Most serious players stop once havoc starts, which gives others to come out and try their hand at playing a bit an experiencing how exhilarating it is to be on top