Push drone with new mechanics

cost:20or30 heat and energy
resistance drain:5phys
chance to do crits
crit dmg:150-160
crit chance:20%-30%

This was suggested before and declined by community members, sorry mate

There is no “critical damage” mechanic here

A push drone is a bad idea. Why?
Because it will be annoying.

Imagine being pushed at the end of every turn by your opponent by that drone. Not only that, it can also bring harm to the owner itself.

Let’s say you need to do the Anni and NF combo (which is really common), but then the drone pushed him back and you have such bad luck that the NE didn’t do much damage, and you lose to your opponent.

It may help for pushers, but overall it ain’t really that good.

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no such thing as crits here m8!

I know.
I its a new mechanic I made

faceshocker is anoying AS F##K but everyone,even mix mechs(heat,energy and physical on the same mech)use it.
I do see your point

Its okay ill get used to it

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Critical damage shouldn’t be there.

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i feel like the max dmg is a crit by itself

well it can also serve as an advantage because if you make a build that may not have good push (basically average heaters) then you can equip this drone to do the job for you.

or you could build based on the push, like equip a flaming scope to get the enemy into it’s range
this drone will mainly hurt phy :stuck_out_tongue: