Purple colour ? D:



son viejos pilotos, soy un viejo jugador, pero olvidé si era un kit de pintura o es el color cuando sube de nivel, pero creo que es un kit de color


Nunca hubo un kit de ese color.


Ur not an old player, you said you’re playing this for like 1 month some days ago


if as well as I said friend play a month because I was already tired this game xD ase a few years so I left and I just did not jusgues friend


one thing that I get tired of this game and I take a vacation and another is that this


that you thought was a new player in this community


I also did a topic about it


That’s a sexy color right there :eyes:


Well… you know the saying…:“A little purple is always welcomed”.


wowww…! That Lila color is the color of deads! In some cultures it´s considered bad omen.


Or it stands for wisdom.

(joke intended)


I remember years ago in a TV show, they gave Rafaella Carrá a scarf of that color and she rejected it.

In Japan, however, is considered an elegant color.



Here it’s just a color, but not as popular as red. Brazil


Can you introduce me to him? He looks hot…


that colour is for legacy items on a surtain fusion level.

I really like that Purple i want it :confused:


The level 45 color is lovely