Punishment for self heating/energy draining


this will force players to manage heat and energy wisely like the now useless tip says. if you overheat yourself,your cooling will decriece.
30 points overheat:cooling -6
60 points overheat:cooling -12
if you read this,pls write sugestions for energy


1.every weapons have cost and damage
2.if you won’t energy break you need to use energy engine or energy capsule unit
3.if you won’t be shutdown you must use heat engine or cooling mass booster
4.don’t make useless topic
5.don’t give your crazy idea

Edit : also there advice for you
from : @lordgorgon

give thanks to my lord!


you just noticed my stupidity and insanity or is this the first time you comented on my ideas?


yeah you right this is the first time i replying to you
but, it is the first time i see bad idea


dont worry i have more bad ideas that are much worse than this:wink:


oh, then, you must go to psychiatric hospital


nope im sane but im saying my ideas are bad


Getting overheated/drained is enough


no danke
i dont need my job as a heater harder
i already have to deal with other heaters using vandal rage to get rid of my cooling booster
no thanks, we need less ideas like this, in general