Pseudo-RNG Boxes


Hello fellow SM players!

I am proposing an idea to revamp Premium boxes and the way they are randomized.

The idea is simple, when introducing a new item into the game, the number of boxes purchases affects the rate at which the new item will drop.

Say a Transparently clear rate is established as the base case.

30% Epic 50% Rare 15% Legendary (E-M) 5% Legendary(L-M)

After the User spends ~ 3000 Tokens.

The Rate at which Epics and Rares are then reduced until new item is received.

If the User receives the new item the Rate for the boxes are reset back to the base case.

Else, the current rates may increase to something such as,

50% Epic 30% Legendary (E-M) 20% Legendary(L-M).

After the User spends 6000 Tokens.

Only Legendary will drop
70% Legendary EM 30% Legendary LM

If user fails to receive a new premium item, after spending 12,000

The next 5 Boxes will be special cases.

100% Legendary LM Items will appear and the rate at which a new premium items appears increases.
20% in first box, 40% in 2nd box, and goes to 100% on Last box.

This idea proposes to allow users to spend a maximum amount of $$$ and tokens and GUARANTEES them the chance to get something they don’t have quite yet. It’s to prevent the situation where you spend hundreds, or even thousands, and get nothing.

  • Yes, PseudoRNG
  • No, keep FULLRNG
  • Don’t like the idea. Let me suggest a new idea below. VVV

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This idea would be nice, yes. But my gut, for some reason, doesn’t like the fact that it would be for a specific item.

If it was for boxes in general then yeah, definitely.


I’d be in favor of anything that would increase the chance of getting what you need. I do have a few issues with your suggestion as written

A. 100% Legends at some point? I don’t think Tacticsoft would ever go for that

  • -let it reach a high % but not 100

B. You’re still not really getting the item you need. Sure, by the numbers, it should come eventually, but I think there’s over 180 Legends in the game. I’d rather have something that narrows the pool
Players that are Level 150 or higher should have access to 3 new Premium Boxes…

  • Torso & Legs Premium Box - 100 Tokens
  • Weapons Premium Box - 125 Tokens
  • Items & Modules Premium Box - 150 Tokens

C. It overly favors p2w If tokens spent is the only thing that’s gonna raise your odds

  • I’d actually go with what you suggest, but I’d add Arena Coins as the thing that increases the rate. This way, everyone gets a fair shake at getting better box odds.


It’s to allow TS to capitalize on the increasing/resetting of the rates. This reorganization of RNG will let TS reap benefits from many users who decided to spend more. This rate doesn’t really benefit someone who spend a little and does not have many Legendaries per say. This however allows someone who is intent to receiving one items the opportunity to get it. (This is someone who probably has all the legendaries and and just not the new one) 12,000 Red Ts are alot per one item. Think about it…


This is 100% Legendary after 12,000 Red T’s Think about how much $$$ that is. I think TS would be ok with this amount tbh. The whole point is that after you receive a copy of the new items, everything resets to the base case. You are suggesting to overall increase the base case which isn’t a bad idea. Just we have no clue what that is which is what I am also suggesting. Transparent item drop rates.


Sounds really good Reiko.
As always, good reading you.


I accept anything that allows everyone to move faster in the game,good idea, bro.


YES YES YES YES YES with this player could grind faster


Good luck,cause TS won’t do it probably.


you know who else won’t do it my MOM


Someone knows reguluar too.
I need to spread more propanganda.