Pros of the base

Everyone always lists the cons so here are some pros. Before anyone comes at me I do know the negatives heavily outweigh the positives but it does have its own perks after a while.

  • Higher chance of items that you are looking for through the factory’s choose your type of equipment
  • Power unit crafting
  • Offline income up to 100K coins
  • Up to 4 legendaries each 3 days (if you’re VERY lucky)

That said, the base is still unsuitable for the majority of players due to ridiculously high costs of upgrading the buildings and item production. The only people who could benefit from it are top-tier players with already finished meta builds that can afford to throw their billions of unused coins into it.

If I forgot to say anything make sure to reply to this thread and I’ll edit the post.


theres like 1 negative lol. no silverboxes. if there were everyone would enable


Not just that, item boxes are more expensive and rares and more rare. Also its really hard and expensive to get epics.


r u autism? if silver boxes were a thing THAT WOULDNT BE A PROBLEM uhhhduhhh

you forgot a pro it encourages players to quit the game

like dis post if you agree


That would remove the entire point of the base.

The entire point of the base is to squeeze money out of the players. The player base isn’t their oyster.

Not necesarily. It makes it harder for people to obtain items but it’s not a total rip-off either

i dont want to start a flame war i did not call you anything please reread or unblur to understand fully

I asked a question

Ok I get that, but now you call me a retard?

the irony in it all is that if they had good drop rates theyd get more money

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Another pro of the base is that it kinda adds a SuperMechs lore and it also kinda looks cool.

Ah, i found people, hi, im bored, what are we talking about?

FRiday don’t respond I forgive you leave me alone.

were talking about “pros” of base and the most i called you is (not so bright)

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Hmm, well base is really good once all attributes are maxed(Main base and arena skills)
From the drops i saw from ricemech i would say a 2 in 9 chance to get a L-M from legendarys and a 1 in 11 chance for a legendary

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Ah, I see, thank you for deleting those.

I’ll do the same.

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How much is the epic/legendary box?

forgive me? pfft your more “special” then i thought.
I said theres only 1 con and thats no silver boxes. then you say and also the cost of everything which is a problem that would not be a problem if “silverboxes” were a thing

Off the top of my head i think it is 20k for one, i dont remember the time taken

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