Proposed REBALANCE of certain Items

the reason they forgot red rain is because f*ck the players


It sounds like all this is just EMP hate.



This will only make matches even more luck dependent, plus it’s one of the few really good F2P items, the other being Desolation. Please no rework though it was a good proposal.

It doesn’t do that much damage anyway except Phys matchups. It’s also the F2P version of VS, please leave it as it is.

Increasing the cost of VS greatly to about ~125 energy should do the trick.

No buff, it’s already a staple in most Annihilation:Nightfall:NE builds already.
Mighty Cannon should cost no energy and instead increased heat cost. It should have res drain ~10.

Same thing; no energy, more heat, and far more res drain ~7
Desert Fury should also receive the same treatment.

I do not like how this topic is still going~

When people want to nerf items, they end up coming up with nerfs that would either do nothing or eliminate the nerfed weapon from use.

I remember a post in the forums just after the fixing of Spartan’s transforming chain…
Just because it was " OP " (big big big ""), every stats got a nerf…

Even things like range… (like wtf, since when Spartan is the Phys counterpart of Valiant ?)
I was something to see XD

In the heat bomb it should stay the same most heat mechs have heat bombs because it doesn’t cost energy and does a lot of heat damage and if it cost 1 enegry that ruins the point of heat bomb and energy mechs will tear them apart.

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you forgot this while buffing. i cant even use it on any build.Why sorrow and the energy one are good and dont have uses?
PROS:no energy-heat consume,very low weight cost
CONS:very low damage,no armor reduction, 2 uses(idk if its 3 at myth, still not worth it),ITS A PREMIUM ITEM

Guys thanks for all the crazy support on offering your opinions. I see that the community hold dear many of the mentioned items and despite others.

I truly think that some rebalance is needed, some weapons here are too strong.

Most of this changes are MEANT to shake the meta, make people build differently and try as best as possible to offer alternatives.

I strongly and firmly believe that the current state of many items is not ideal specially considering the big disparity between some premium items and some f2p namely for example NE as opposed to sweetie for example

Purifier used to be a physical Sorrow/MortalBullet…

And then, during a rebalance update (cough cough Where the purpose of items SUPPOSEDLY did not changed coughcough), Mohabid said “Well…Purifier isn’t used in top ranks, so we change it…And because we don’t want it to be the exact reskinned version in another type of an item…welll, we screwed even more its stats”

Bro , why weaken such useful parts ? They are already perfect as they are now .
Also , I am a Heat Bomb hater as it’s already OP . Making it stronger would both unbalance the matches and make no sense ( 30 Cooling Dmg !? ) .
As I said before , leave them alone .

What’s Purifier’s old stats?


Oh, that’s decent, i guess?

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decent, at best…