Proposed REBALANCE of certain Items


the reason they forgot red rain is because f*ck the players


It sounds like all this is just EMP hate.



This will only make matches even more luck dependent, plus it’s one of the few really good F2P items, the other being Desolation. Please no rework though it was a good proposal.

It doesn’t do that much damage anyway except Phys matchups. It’s also the F2P version of VS, please leave it as it is.

Increasing the cost of VS greatly to about ~125 energy should do the trick.

No buff, it’s already a staple in most Annihilation:Nightfall:NE builds already.
Mighty Cannon should cost no energy and instead increased heat cost. It should have res drain ~10.

Same thing; no energy, more heat, and far more res drain ~7
Desert Fury should also receive the same treatment.


I do not like how this topic is still going~


When people want to nerf items, they end up coming up with nerfs that would either do nothing or eliminate the nerfed weapon from use.


I remember a post in the forums just after the fixing of Spartan’s transforming chain…
Just because it was " OP " (big big big ""), every stats got a nerf…

Even things like range… (like wtf, since when Spartan is the Phys counterpart of Valiant ?)
I was something to see XD