Proposed REBALANCE of certain Items


Party Crasher, as i (as far as i know) and a few others are the only ones who use it


Bunker needs a nerf, period


I’m unsure about the proposed heatbomb changes. On one hand I hate HB because it always kills my energy mech, but HB once was an important part of my boiler. I would advise keeping heatbomb the way it is as it is balanced right now.


As a Heat bomb user, Tonto and Frantic brute needs a nerf


In my opinion, some not great ideas and some fine ideas.

HB: Leave it as is, or increase damage. It’s fine.

EMP: Leave as is, if not nerf (I don’t care how).

Valiant Sniper: Leave as is, I know it’s super powerful (and I lose most times I face it) but it’s fine how it is.

Night Eagle: PLEASE!!! Though it may be a little overpowered then… If so then buff the grenade launcher (terror cry) too.

Reckless Beam: That change is fine but I probably still won’t use it.

Corrupt Light: Good change but maybe a little more power than it should have…

Zarkares: Yes, this is a good change. My first mech would really benefit from this, second not so much. Anyways, good idea.

Edit: I changed the title to “REBALANCE” vs “REBALACE”


Heat bomb to energy cost or else all heat mechs will suck against energy mechs with emp


I see you fixed the title. :wink:

I knew it was rebalance.


Simplified opinions from me, cuz im sleeping dangit

Heatbomb : seems op, but this is the only mass heater weapon that doesnt cost energy for the f2p, other than that its sorrow

EMP : any more nerf on this and its outright extinct from the face of SM

Valiant sniper : no, thats too much nerf

Night Eagle : ehhh bit too much, make that -5 / -8 res drain.

Reckless beam : that actually seems reasonable, but cooling / regen damage that low is useless. Make it -15 to change the mind of players, or res drain of -6 per hit

Corrupt light : nah, it wouldnt look like savegery anymore. savegery i think got increase heat cap damage, so this one should get increased base damage of 190-270

Zarkares : ehhh nah. i prefer original zarkares.


Ummm… It’s a l-m so I don’t see how it’s exactly f2p.


Buff Bloodweep please.


heat bomb: lets not change that. it isnt really op if you got a decent cooling mech.

emp: doesnt need a change. emp’s primary use is to drain and adding regen dmg is basically making it a more energy-expensive version of vsniper

vsniper: lets not make it a blizzard dissolver on crack

night eagle: its fine as is. allows high-dmg shotgun combos so its overkill to add res drain on a good item

reckless beam: yea it might need just another slight buff but not like that. id say have it do 1 knockback to ward off the phys short range builds … or maybe 2 knockback hmm

corrupt light: its good when used right, so it doesnt need a buff.

zark: no buff needed. but what does need a nerf is the monkey torsos


Exactly lol

If f2p cant get it easily, heatbob would be the best thing to get.


If you didn’t say you had an energy mechs, I would clearly recognize it from the changes.


But I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years and I’m new here at the Forum, and I have to say that it would be a bad idea if all this happens with the heat bomb and the EMP, they are adjusted as they should be your measure, supposedly the heatbomb should be used without energy, what do you mean by that of energy cost, is that everything that is heating has to have at least 1 cost of energy, this would lead to the unbalance of the game, even as proposed by the EMP, and in my opinion this should not be applied.


Hey there guys, sorry I kind of went MIA for a couple of days. Work has been ridiculously busy. I just finished reading all of you guys posting and I thank you all for the time taken.

So the general concensus is that the players feel we want stronger items from the unused items (the likes of sweetie and such) and we don’t want to lose power where we are already used to having it.

coincidentally I would like to ask y’all, if you would prefer faster arena battles or slower paced


Why everybody forget the forgotten sweetie greedy and purifier. :sob:


The reason they forget Swetie, is because it’s to SWEET
The reason they forget Greedy, is because it’s to GREEDY
The reason they forget Purifier, is because it does not need to be purified




oops… Spell check… :wink:


heat bomb and EMP themselves has already been nerfed before , having energy consumption onheat bomb will make it pointless