Proposed REBALANCE of certain Items


As the title reads, this is a proposal to rebalance some items in the game I feel are simply little too strong. That being said it is not only “nerfing” it’s taking and adding power. So I would love to know what you people think. I am by no means an expert of super mechs so hearing opinions is always nice.

Credits: @KilliN for his outstanding work on the WU (i am using it to extract the maxed stats).

Current heat damage: 393

Proposed change:

  • Energy cost: 1
  • Heat damage: 435
  • Cooling damage: 35

Reasons: Heatbomb is plain out strong, there is no denial in this weapon’s utility and as far as I have seen it is typically used late in the fights. I believe it should have a nerf of a 1 energy cost to be able to be used while energy broken (I understand this is a pretty big deal). however by buffing cooling and heat damage it should enable heaters to take a more aggressive early use of HB while reaping te benefits in the late turns due to the cooling damage.

Current energy damage: 393
Current nergy cost: 334

Proposed change:

  • Energy Damage: 350
  • Electric Damage: ZERO (it should be coded especially TO NOT DO ANY DAMAGE EVEN WHILE ENERGY BROKEN)
  • Energy Cost: 300
  • Regen Damage: 45

Reason: I am an electric user primarly and I wil be the first to admit one lucky EMP and I win a fight on the first turn. It is simply too oppressive, even when not used on the first turn and having maximum effectiveness. the absurd damage you can pull from it (400+) if the enemy is energy broken is in my opinion unfair.

Valiant Sniper
Current Energy Damage: 181
Current uses: 2
Current Weight: 51

Proposed Changes:

  • uses: 1
  • Resistance Break: 42
  • Weight: 28 - 30 (not super sure how to “balance” weight)
  • Regen Damage: 26

Reason: this thing is broken ok, I will not accept other opinion. 181 damage (without arena buffs) at a 31 energy cost within effective Electric range; is not OK. Cut down it’s uses, double the resistance break and apply double the regen damage, It should make it still hold decently for power (especially not touching the cost) and reducing the weight to allow for 2 if people wanted to get maxium abuse out of it. Turn it into a tactical tool to either early on cripple defenses or a clutch ( energy vs energy and I am almost drained ) tool energy tool. Instead of the all too: here let me drain you and laugh at your face because of my low compromise on cost.

Night Eagle

Proposed change:

  • resistance drain: 10 per shot (total 30 if all 3 shots are used).

Reason: I think Night eagle is a lovely little item to have and I just want it to get love.

Reckless Beam

Proposed Change:
Regen / cooling draining: 5 per shot

Reason: this item is garbage and should get SOME sort of reason to be used even if super niche

Corrupt Light
Current Heat Cap Damage: 24
Current Heat cost: 47

Proposed Change:

  • Heat Cap Damage: 35
  • Heat cost 55

Reason: very common item, I love it but find it underwhelming when we have things like Magmas. F2P need a little love.


Current weight: 362
Current Heat Res: 24
Current energy regen: 64
Current energy cap: 193
Current Health: 1136

Proposed changes:

  • Weight: 372
  • Heat res: 36
  • Energy regen: 78
  • Energy Cap: 185
  • Health: 1285

Reason: Everyone’s favorite torso, this thing has way too many things going on for it. No wonder there is an alternative cosmetic version (that looks really good). but seriously Zarkares needs some horiontal balancing, shifting power from it’s comfortable weight into other categories. (please don’t destroy me, I know Zarky is loved by all. I gave 3 plus stats and only took a little bit on the two stats I feel like would open up the window for more torsos)


Would be nice to hear opinions from people like:

and more experienced member of the community, frankly anyone really from new players to old veterans. I am also using this post as an experiment to test my knowledge about game balance and game development with an active community.


I disagree with heatbomb, emp, valiant
I’d be okay if the rest of the changes were to be implemented


Thank you for you opinions.

Any particular reason?

Does it feel like the items themselves are completely destroyed if this changes were to implement?
Are the nerfs too strong?
Do Items lose their identity because of the balance?


70 weight for utility no dmg weapon which requires high energy stats? Hell no…


Heatbomb :

An energy cost on it would kill off all the remaining mass heater builds
I would personally never equip it if it had an energy cost
Most heat builds don’t carry energy engines anyway, so an energy cost would pratically make it unusable against energy mechs


EMP is already fine as it is. It is only good against phys mechs
Why, you ask ? That’s because they carry less energy mods, just enough for then to surive weapons other than EMP
It is practically useless against heaters, since most have no energy mods anyway
It is like a double edged sword against energy, it can harm either of the two players

Valiant :

I agree, valiant is a bit OP, but making it single use would be a terrible idea
51kg for a one use top weapon? I’d not use it
The resistance drain increase would help, but it’s weight is still too much to convince people to use it


Thank you!

I believe that while having no damage is a strong reason to no implement a build with it. (as current “meta” is DPS) If we were to expand on the utility of weapons, providing more alternatives than just raw damage the game would shift and more builds would appear.

I reckon is a hard bargaing, but I feel the massive drain and the ability to turn off many weapons in the game could justify the changes.


How Lord Curzon wrote above, that fine already, if fix how you wrote that become a very useless utilie, cause: very high weight, no way for energy break ( that -45 regen isnt gonna help so much, because you gonna die faster then that - regen become helpful), gonna be used only on high/med energy guys… but gonna work Only vs phys and maybe energy


Because, of course, you can shoot energy-dependant weapons when energy-broken

What the point of HB being an “utility item” then ?
And reducing cooling even more would further increase (break ?) the effectiveness of it

For one item ?
It should have its own specific stat then…
Not gonna happen for 1 item

Why ? It’s just overkill, you rarely recover from an EMP anyway

Night Eagle is fine as it is
this was sponsored by myself, a Phys main

Because 5 Cooling/regen damage per shot would do something ?
In battles were pure damage is advantaged ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In the future, don’t try to talk on the behalf of ***“everyone”***, because you’ll be wrong…

And FYI, I don’t like Zark, I use it only because it’s only torso that can support my second build right now, but I’ll change it once possible.


Thank you @Lordcurzon I seem to understand a little more about the peculiarities of how people are picking this weapons.


No worries buddy


Also, one more thing i forgot to add in my last post :

Try to not nerf the overused items, buff the weak items
Since many players will be using the srongest available items, nerfing them would make them practically useless, hence requiring them to change their build

Instead we could buff the underused items, so that they attaract attention and people start to think of build ideas with it


Changing the code of one energy item would require the change to all energy items, as separating emp as a uniquely classed item would be tedious.


I second this. Underused items need to see the light these days


I understand the comments and thank you for the time.

I feel however that you re nitpicking on some aspects but missing on the rest of the change. An example is EMP, I believe that the removal of the damage is a valid point of consideration as it is honestly atrocious how it can stop you dead and on top of it do a fair bit of damage. Pay attention that while reducing the overal drain it would make I am adding regen damage because it is a form of compensation. It no longer does damage, it still drains a lot and now it also provides with regen damage (it would serve to hinder high regen electric type)

I will admit the Reckless beam one is something that was just a whim, honestly I feel like it’s an item without a place (I am sorry for ignoring you very few niche players that use it because no burte or carnage) But it could be increased to something higher, you see the use (besides the damage it does) is that you could actually in the long run throw off someone on their cooling or their energy usage not for a pure phys build but for a hybrid looking for more options


I considered this a lot, I am actually working in what way the bad tier items could be buffed. I decided to nerf over used items as a basis trying to follow the idea that TS wants to make Arena fights longer


Hmm I feel like it could be an exception to the rule. Although it is fair that it’s a major one considering how established the energy broken mechanic is to Energy. Maybe, it could still do damage however bring the base numbers of it down?


Could you guys give me a few examples of the LEAST used items in the game with mythical tier?


Purrifier… sweetie…


The base numbers have fallen once, and is the reason it doesn’t drain 472 energy. And besides, it deals 30-170 damage if you use it early anyway.

And blindly going to the idea “Take away the extra damage from energy drain” is silly when majority of the energy weapons, that aren’t melee, do below 320 damage without drain, and the only one that can do around 300 is last words i believe.