Proposal so that people who perform an extraordinarily good task for community get special recognition


A few days ago I wrote a topic in “general discussions” about a proposal to give some kind of recognition to people who do excellent task for community. But I needed to refine the idea. That´s why I published topic, so that someone who wanted to help me polish the project, gave me suggestions and made me see what things could be changed or improved. The debates included 3 surveys. From all this, came following:

  • It´s understood that this isn´t an opposition and merit contest, because useful tasks, we all are done at some time. Therefore, isn´t necessary that grant of a recognition has a fixed periodicity. It is about evaluating extraordinarily useful tasks for the community, something that really stands out, a guide, a very special fan art work, an event, as recognition of a special career, etc. Therefore, forcing this to happen once a month, does not fit within parameters. It´s not a contest.

  • 55 members of the community voted and 64% of them understood that those who do a very good job for the community should get some recognition.

  • Any member of the community can suggest a candidate for recognition, clearly showing the cause for which believes that person deserves it. According to the results on second poll, a jury of 2 or 4 members formed 50% SM staff and 50% members of community, must decide whether to grant or not. In case there are 2 or more candidates, the jury must select 1 of them. No more than 1 prize may be awarded per month, nor may the same person receive this distinction twice consecutively.

  • In the third poll, voters were asked in what way the person would receive reward . Out of a total 20 votes, 40% said that it was a special distinctive to be used only in the forum + something that could be used in the game, although in debate it was clarified that what was used in the game , should not give any advantage over other players. 40% thought that recognition should be granted in the form of a distinctive only to be used here in forum. Personally, I voted for 2nd. option.

So, well… in this my original idea became, after contribution of some forum members (all those who participated have put some suggestion).

I leave it here, to the developers consideration. I think it´s a matter of justice that people who have done or do something extraordinarily good for the community, are highlighted and recognized.



My brain still doesn’t like the idea… and now I can’t figure out why



just one question that I have been since this issue was created … will you suggest when it is hypothetically approved that you be rewarded?


Any person, within the community, can suggest 1 candidate. From there, all decisions are the jury’s task.


Your Brain are good bro… more later i explain why… this proposal have the intention of obtain (items for Metre, Welcome to the list. And others members of llyl clan. ) because this clan dont have nothing important to do) so your members dedicate to the Forum because in the game lose and lose, but now they want received paid for your time. The polls not represent 1% of the forum people.

this persons think that here is “North Supermechs town” with they are the goberment.

all based on some unsuccessful polls and fixed to their pretensions, undemocratic, if not incidentally she will also pretend to be recognized for this farce and receive her prize as well.


I mean, it’s a noble cause so it’s good… yet my brain don’t like something about it still…

  • I think it was well clarified in the proposal which it´s granted, it must be something that doesn´t represent any advantage in the game (no weapons, no plates, no tokens, no coins).

  • I don´t see what this has to do with clans. Not with wins or losses.

  • If this is approved, do you have someone from your clan to suggest? Do it! The jury will be the one that decides if deserves or not.

  • I don´t consider this proposal to be an extraordinary task that deserves recognition. Therefore, in case someone suggests me as a candidate, I reject it (save this, you like to save).


Ok of this proposal have this term ok. I dont have problem about this proyect.

i propose special Medal reward (medal with logo of supermechs something special)


on the other hand before the tactisoft team loses time on this. should prioritize things and solve the list of problems in the mobile version … like not being able to select players who are in the bottom of the chat, in short the multiple problems of the mobile platform.


I know one guy who got his reward. SSundae. He made SM popular, so SM community gave him 1 million coins and 20 thousand tokens (before SM reloaded). Just saying, so you can know TS cares about us.


That something your brain doesn’t like, is the ulterior motive behind this “noble cause”. There’s no transparency behind this “idea” at all.

She, like her clan mates only wish to obtain items of their choosing (her words) through things that deserve no reward. Only recognition.

I would advise avoiding these types of topics and letting them die out. No one, outside of the Devs/Mods should ever make topics about doing these types of thing. Because they always have an ulterior motive as to why they want to do it. Sarah really needs to step in and close these down. Honestly.


Great words (100% true) :exclamation:




I dont undertstand why you guys keep attacking wepwawet on this, she said this herself and told everyone to remember it, AND she has stated that she does not want an in-game reward, it would have to be cosmetic or a forum badge.
But everyone is so caught up in bestplayerintheworlds twisted logic they seem to ignore this.


I will explain what happens. In the first place, it isnt an overwhelming majority who tries to defenestrate this proposal. From the beginning it was the work of 2 people, bestplayer and shadow.

Bestplayer, we already know her everyone, doesn´t need presentations. Since I’ve known her, she has never done anything positive for community, just throwing trash and bad vibes, to have all the people distracted. It´s her way of being. And if the proposal comes from someone from a clan that she hates, then with more reason. She’s the kind of person you could sit with for a cup of coffee and never go again. All in all, she´s transparent, its way of being is visible to all.

Shadow’s reasons are much more covert and less known. I’ll just say that it’s not about clan rivalries, but about an issue that he has made personal. On the one hand a lot of anger because the update took away everything he had. On the other hand, at one time we were friends and we stopped being friends, so in some way he tries to dirty everything I do or show some degree of superiority, which he thinks he has.


It’s not even her logic. I came to the conclusion once I read her proposal which at first (before changes were made), was just a pathetic way at obtaining items. You need to see the bigger picture here. They’re not doing this just to give grats/badges to those that help out the community. They’re doing it so that they can get what they want. Which was items at first. But since the hate came over such a stupid proposal. She changed it up.

Funnier thing, me and BestPlayer don’t even like each other (given I told them to F off the first week on the forums). So you can’t say it’s because of her “logic” everyone replied badly. People are smart and can see ulterior motives. I considered both Wep’s proposal and the replies against it. The idea itself it great, I stand behind giving those that contribute to the community a lovely badge and a massive thank you.

But I will Not stand for them asking for items or any of their bullshit. Can this topic die though, it’s tiring to see this thing coming back honestly.


Well, I guess we can never agree on this. I saw this as a nice thing to do, and in all honestly, she did recommend people from her clan, but i dont think that had anything to do with her trying to help her clan get more items.
oh well.


you are the one who most attacks others because you do not like the things that others do and you become the saint.


You should think again on whos attacking who…


Everthing ok with you @Wepwawet :question:

You are 100% the wrong person, to suggest such a “gift” here in the forum, with all your LIES and never ending attacking :exclamation:

Search for HELP :exclamation:

And learn to live with your ENVY :exclamation:


Exactly :exclamation:

:sparkles: Nominations for The Helpers of this Forum :sparkles:

The saddest part about what happened here is that this thread started out as a nice thread to continue a proposal that had been fine tuned to not an item but a cosmetic for a stand-up community member.