Proof that the Vandal Rage is useful

29 AM
Long story short: I died
This guys got some things figured out, he didnt even use both on me, but my cooling was subtracted by 46 and that gave him the extra edge to overheat me.


4 magma blast+ 2 vandal rage+ murmur=RIP of shutdown=RIP of weight


actually it could be viable if the mechs built correctly. Although rip all utilities.

(317 with dual mags, deso, reck - clash).

(355 with quad mags, dual Vans).

Might see one if someones actually that dumb.


Cough. Are they EVER going to add physical weapons that are actually useful ( not like the repulser ) ?


Yeah, that is true. Physical is very powerful in ranks 10-3 with the anihilation and nightfalls, but after that it is mostly energy and then heat.
Heat is very weak in ranks 10-3 though.

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this item is featured in a limited time item portal!
this item must be dangerour-
gets nerfed

This weapon is pretty dangerous. Max myth drains 46 cooling, right?

So if dual is equipped that means:


If a person gets hit by those things twice, 92 cooling is lost! :astonished:

That’s not a proof, but an example of how people are using.


Wow! One instance. That weapon is a joke! I faced dual myth version of this with similar builds, I won. In fact I have beat every opponent that equipped it. As a heat mech, I have finally found the one weapon that has elevated me to rank 2 …the Mercy. With the correct tactics, this weapon rocks! Many forum members here have felt it. You know who you are.

SM devs must stop bluffing heat players with these kind of TURDS! I currently have 5 of these lemons at legendary, ready to myth a second desolation, which I will equip with an abomination if I’m lucky enough to get one.

Desolation x 2

NOW THATS A HEAT BUILD to be reckoned with in the right hands …My dream build.

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Reckoning is the shotgun you want, not mercy. Bad idea to mix phys with heat resists.

It would have been my preferred choice, however the advantage of the Mercy is it’s higher damage. Plus, it’s lighter, and has no heat cost. Used mainly in close quarters or to avoid overheat, also other proprietary tactics. I actually prefer this over the Reckoning. And why the hell would they make it 89 weight? Again, middle finger to the heat players.

Nevertheless, the Mercy came from a rank 5 box. I took what I got, maxed it out and learned to use it.

I don’t spend money on this game, so just live with what I get.


Every time I get hit by the Vandal Rage, I find myself thinking “Man I am sure glad that wasn’t a desolation or I would be dead”


thats so crazy i would not even get one hit in

well i fought him,his mech is nice but he really depends on range