Progress of primary build


I am learning this the hard way ! Heh


the item drop gods are not kind to me… i have ditched the arnold it wound up being worthless im doing better with the two grenade launchers that crazy little multi barrel machine gun and the rapid destruction just for the moment. i wound up deciding to make a secondary account and try again with the stuff i have learned…

Holy crap the difference. So first run beat the enire first stage up to insane, with a generic thrown togehter mech with no style at all just energy and heat… burnt the tokens on that preimum pack for 335… and got solid epics tha make a copletely new mech and got a Heat Bomb, after trying so much to get it via the portal… I had a moment when that happened, which mostly conisisted of me swearing a tthe game.

I am basically saving rares and epics now that do not upgrade to myth as parts to feed the upgrades im working on…

For the primary build here Ol’ Blue, Void is now epic, woo, and im working on getting the shoulder grenade launcher there as well, then the arm one, and at that point I think ill be comfortable dropping the RD for something else, still holding onto my other multi barrel it works at close range with just enough damage to peg the AI at the right time, it also still has… maybe 5-6 levels i can keep upgrading it so i can push its damage wall back a little bit more.

Woo! The things I have learned and oh the mistakes I made with my first build.


Search for the folowing wepons when you grind :
Nightfall, is an epic-myth phis dmg.
Anihilation, also EM.
Night eagle, also.
Modules :
Heat engine.
Energy engine.
Cooling booster.
Regeneration booster.
Iron plate.
Torso : Zakares, Brutality.
After you get them :
Build this :
Torso : Zakares.
Legs : Iron boots.
Wepons :
Side : nightfall, anihilation.
Top : Night Eagle.
Drone : Void.
Use this as a guide :


THIS! god, I have lost , at my last count… 6 silver boxes and one of the orangey red ones for beating le boss in stage 2, completely vanished. The six boxes vanished when buying in bulk, it said it was storing… go there, and nothing. I wondered if this was just my device or a actual bug.


Hmm I just got one of those… heat engines I think it is , just no luck with the drops for higher stuff. Seen no fortune boxes in almost 3 weeks at this point, so hoping luck changes and I do not have to drop cash to get gear.

Ive gotten over the time, 5-6 pairs of the iron boots been saving them up, used them when needed to make my legs legendary status, i think my next build will use them as well. Pondering dual … malice? i think or something and id like a nice pair of rocket launchers that can go all the way.


Use the guide young padawan, it will make you strong.
Folow it, and if you get lucky with abomination or redoking then seek me out via a pm and will build a heater toghether.
May the Heat be with you.


So… secondary account… just got an epic ironbark for fun… god this mech is messy its just a collection of twinky epic parts , that heat bomb… is hilarious… the mech itself cant even handle it but shutting enemies down is a good thing, hah…

so questions.

1: not upgrading any of the epic stuff i have unless it goes higher, -but- is it wise to upgrade the lesser stuff now and then if you hit a damgage wall, or swap it out for something else.

  1. What boss(s) are best for grinding to hopefully get fortuine boxes, new acct is limited to normal right now on everything but stage 1 which is up to insane diff… somehow… with a thrown together generic mech slugged its way to insane…

  2. Aside from myhical and such, are there common/rare items that drop easily, and are useful enough to ride until better is found, like i maxed a common armour plate out on the primary buuut hoping for an epic one to drop so i can replace it


Ok Ok Ok… So… Ok… lIttle timeline here.

Walter gets mad at game screwing him out of fun gear.

Walter considered uninstalling SM.

Walter made a new account while making angryface.

Walter slugged his way to middle of the game roughly, hoarding tokens.

Finally popped on all the tokens, and gear and… … … holy cow. Everything i got thats good dropped out of the red chests, I bought 1 premium pack and 4-5 of the single ones. And out of nowhere not 1 not 2 but 3 epic items dropped out of the silver boxes… Gotten no less then 4 of the blinky light boxes…

Cue me going WTF.

Now I have dis. Just got mah legs to Legendary cuz it looked fun… Heat bombs are so twinky but a dual set of them is a nasty way to win a fight, though… I still prefer missiles, rockets and gatlings.

so… I have no words, but I do have dis.


Well, you got the nighfall and anni. And a supreme cannon. Start work on a heat and physical once you get more parts.


I just uhh got my -3rd- Heatbomb out of a box… It is insane, but I wonder if that counts as heat. I… put them all on one random mech and oh, just… no words for the insanity.