Progress of primary build


True! There, are times ill hop in gaem at oh say… 10am and plug away at it until 7-8pm. Its been a steady plug forward each time.


The Skull drone (named Void for physical) is better than the Hurlbat. It can drain resistance.

Do you still have it?


BTW here’s the list of mythical items made by Ricemech88

You may want to bookmark it for reference.


Jesus Christ, you have a lot of time


Yeah actualy the void is sitting in the slot for my as of yet unfinished 3rd mecha forgot about it completely


Well, that and multiple devices for such things. Best way to learn. Heck our group would marathon Mechwarrior 4 with the expansions and MekTek upgrade packs for 2-3 days straight without sleep. Just redbull.


Then just upgrade it a little bit and then use it. Yrust me, it’s worth.


Kewl then I shall the skull is more interesting anyways visually and it was the orginal drone I had for my primary build I… do not rememer now why I changed it out.


There’s your answer lawl


This is all I could advise you for now. Try and get mythical weapons if you can.



Hmmmmm yeah I dropped the headhunter and put Mr Skullhead back in, got about 40+kg to fiddle with, now to go dredge about for armour plate… but just as a side note Energy Break makes me rage. so. so. so much, when the AI slaps you to 0 it sucks, but that is what regen is for.


Hahahahahaha… Oh how this game messes with me. Popped open mixed box, got common rare and epic… and the epic… oh I… think I like it does nearly the same dmg as that headhunter i upgraded… right off the bat. o.O;; Boom goes the dynamite?


Resist the urge to put it on your mech.

That weapon will only work if you have other heat weapons with you.
It’s a good weapon, even I use it, but it doesn’t fit well with physical.


yah my secondary mech is gonna be mostly heat and energy since i have reckess beam and the other one,. but onwards to grinding! thanks everyone for the input


Btw, another advice…
Try to work on your second mech as soon as possible. Because in the higher ranks you’ll be forced to do 2v2… which is bad.

That’s all (literally this time) I have for now. See ya.


Give me bacon… Anyways, Your mech is pretty decent, Myth Terror so that’ll become your Primary Damage dealer along with a Legendary Hurlbat, Take that from a Phys user, Though your primary objective must be getting Nightfall and/or Annihilation so you can have good damage dealers at the range of 1-4 spaces, Add a Mighty cannon or a Night Eagle to add range and combo with the Nightfall


Nice effort. However, try and stick to 3-4 weapons max. Also, try not to expend fusion and gold on weapon and structural items that cannot go beyond legendary. It is a waste later on.

Understand that SM is not about “combos” it is about efficiency. Hence the weight limit.



Upgrade the TERROR CRY.The torso(if you wanna keep it, please do, it goes to mythical),otherwise, change it to BRUTALITY or WINDIGO. Upgrade your legs, pray for ROLLING BEASTS and THE CLAW to drop.remove HEADHUNTER and ARNOLD.

Pray for ANNIHILATION and NIGHTFALL to drop.If you have it, use it. remove a RAPID DESTRUCTION and add a NIGHT EAGLE.
If comfortable with HURLBAT keep it, but use VOID preferably.

At your level dont use epics to upgrade, and at any level, NEVER use legendaries to upgrade.Dont buy more than 30 boxes a day, keep winning in arena.

If out of slots for storage don’t worry, they will be stored in the unclaimed boxes section.

cheers, and good luck.


There is a bug that does not let you store boxes


yeah, for some time.
it happened to me too, but then it stopped.
That is why after it says box is stored, i check it out.(go to unclaimed boxes and check if number is increased)