Progress of primary build


kay so… After what I think is nearly a month with 12-16 hrs per day this mecha, is maxed out in HP and in resists, and im nearing my max on Heat and Energy little by little.

All the gear is epic or legendary. The top cannons are maxed out and throw down about 166 dmg at max per shot… The torso and legs are legendary, which … took forever… But I am begining to have issues progressing in Hard mode, so I have been grinding to buff weapons further…

Any productive thoughts as to what i can do, the builds been a slugger so far and nasty at close to mid range. Just… starting to run into a damage wall I think…

In Battletech terms I have rebuilt a Hunchback IIC Heavy/Assault mech with basically… 2x LB-X AC20s (shotgun style 20cm spread launchers.) as primary weapons. A Medium pulse laser (Rapid fire, short range decent damage.)
A Vehicle class grenade launcher, probably 40mm I would say. A LB-X AC 10 (Multi barrel inaccurate but good spread damage) and a AC-20 with standard ammo(Big ole tube.)

So, yes I know SM is SM , but I translate a lot into Battletech terms since weapons are weapons. The design is pretty snazzy but I think I am hitting the limit until I start getting lucky and finding Legendaries.

Thoughts please?

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You know, in Supermechs you don’t need 6 weapons.

And may I see your modules please?


.> no such thing as too many weapons, it has fun combos! Modules… yeah lemme screen cap that just a second.


Here we go. The modules and such.


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That’s a pretty good module setup. I suggest you rid some of your weapons to add another hp plate or module.

I understand weapon combos are fun (lol) but in this game, having all 6 weapons is a huge drawback. It may work in the lower ranks if you even do pvp but in the higher ranks it will be bad for you.

Modules are one of the keys to your victory. So it’s important to make the right setup.

Since you’re mostly physical, you should remove that one heat weapon of yours to add another module or hp plate.

My goodness why did I start lecturing?


I have been on the fence about the headhunter yes I have, its cool but my build is phys yes. Ive done pvp on and off and it works pretty good for raw damage but yeah starting to have issues and such. I know whenever I can up to mythical things will continue but goodness, is that a ways off.

Been even considering dropping my drone, i really rarely use it, more likely to Tport and harpoon things.


If that drone can reach mythical, don’t drop it. A drone with unlimited range is better than any mythical weapon.

But if you absolutely know what you’re doing, go ahead


Nvm Lordy Gorgy is typing lol


Oh the drone is crazy its a Hurlbat which the name makes me laugh, and its pretty good in damage, but Im just not certain.


Ehh, Hurlbat does decent damage but the hidden stats (purple color) is useless.

But since it’s all you got you should use it untill you get a better drone.


Mate, i see you are physical (raw damage) oriented player.
So am i, with some results.
Many things to say here. feel free to pm me, ill do my best to give you some pointers.


I have… a floating skull one I cannot remember the name of but i think it caps out a epic, and a … face shocker? one that also seems fun but has a upgrade cap.




Bruh, the Skull drone can reach mythical. Face shocker can also reach mythical.

Did you get rid of them? If yes then oh no lol.


How not? Ill grind away with the game, burn energy and toggle level ups, been finding missions that drop like 10kish exp each time, and calcuating the energy out per mission per exp boost per possible level up I can basically ride the energy recharge pretty good. It akes some planning but I am slowly figuring this out.


12-16 hrs a day is a lot


Ho le Mo le. Just looked and yeah both the skull and face shocker are myth. well then. I think maybe I had the hurlbat cuz of weight, hmmmm theres one change I think.