Programmable AI


There’s alot of talk about AI due to upcoming Clan Wars update. I thought I’d share this.

I’m not promoting another game. I found it a while ago, don’t really play it much but the concept is genius. You don’t control the bits directly, you program the AI, let it run and see how it handles then tweak it to suit your needs.

All the talk of better AI or programmable AI got me wanting to share this, see if it can help.

Obviously supermechs wouldn’t need something that indepth but being able to program it to do certain actions once certain conditions are met could be handy.


Also it could open up new possibilities, not only would it help in clan wars you could open up a whole new league for AI and run the manual controlled alongside it.

SuperMechs upcoming grand feature

I’d say something less in-depth but definitely tailored to player preferences (and specific for each Mech)

I mentioned in the other thread semi-programmable, so something like a Priorities based system

  • Prioritize Drone 1st vs Max Damage
  • Prioritize Weapon Use Ranked 1-6 (Top 1, Top 2, Side 1, Side 2, Side 3, Side 4, Stomp)
  • Prioritize Special Item/Movement Use Ranked (Legs, Hook, Tele, Charge)
  • Prioritize Close Distance vs Max Damage
  • Prioritize Increase Distance vs Max Damage
  • Prioritize Avoid Overheating vs Max Damage

SuperMechs upcoming grand feature

I don’t think there would be that many conditions personally.

Range from enemy and edges to determine positioning, movement. Resistance, HP and heat/energy to determine what weapons to use or whether to switch Mechs. Ammo to determine which weapons to use.

Example for my heat mech.

If drone isn’t deployed use drone.
If target range = 1 and range from edge => 3 then stomp, else jump back.
If target range = 2,3 or 4 use Heat bomb.
If heat bomb ammo = 0 use magma blast
If magma blast ammo = 0 use repulse.
If HB, MB ammo = 0 use Savagery.

Something like that anyway. With a well thought out interface it could be really simple.


I see that easily getting implemented, as their current AI is easy and poorly coded (of course it’s 7-8 years old), however I don’t see they implementing such thing… Because it’s kind of technical, even if are just some switch buttoms, most people just won’t know what to do and how to use.



The whole Clan Wars thing falls on it’s face if the AI is poor

  • imagine @lordgorgon’s Defensive Deso Mech Team being ripped apart because the AI decides Stomps should take priority over Deso’s, and his Flame Spear never fires. The whole Clan Wars thing becomes a big joke

I’d say plug in some general default behaviours but definitely allow the player customization… I wouldn’t worry about the players being a barrier, that’s what clanmates and clan chats are for :smiley:


You should see those performing in auto pilot campaign. Quite the sad sight.