Problems with tokens


@Sarah247… I sent you an answer by pm. I still have the same problem. My tokens by Fortumo still don´t appear in the game.

Please, I need a solution to this.




It has a solution or not … ??

Let’s see if someone does a little moral support, so they fix this …


In view of the fact that the deceased does not declare, the session is adjourned.

Do you know what my dear Sarah? Do what you want with your game.

I am already rotted of so much trouble without a solution. Problems with my account that prevent me from obtaining mythical plates, problems to load the tokens …

bye bye. Be happy and thank you for everything.


same is happened to me. after one week it fixed.


1 week???

Alexander these things solved them in 15 min.

There you have the explanation of why there are so many things that work badly in the game.

They tired me. It tired me so much uselessness.


Sarah and he SM devs can’t help you in that, it’s more on Fortuno system side.


Not this time…!