Problems with Arena and Campaign in PC&Android

What to hell with arena?

I tryed to begin PvP , but i got “Reconnecting…” …

WiFi is OK
(In PC) Use official site (

Campaign is not working too. “Reconnecting…” …
some weird glitch…


UPD : Raid is not working too… I have no words…

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Are you sure that your Wifi is ok?

Maybe clear cockies and try using another bowser?

Yes , I am.

I will try to clear cookies. Im using Yandex.Browser

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Im back.

Clear cookies - didn’t help…

I will try another browser

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Used Amigo. Didn’t help
Used Mozilla Firefox. Did help :slight_smile: Yay! Thx


No problemo freundo.

I managed to solve the problems.

Here are solutions that helped me
For PC :

Cookies didn’t help me. But other people can help. (I hope so)

For Android :
Clear cash and reboot app.

Thanks again @The_Yo_Yo_Man !


Double double no problemo