Problems at any of your schools:

Write what ever happened at your school today
Example: in my school some 8th grader trashed the boys bathroom pooped all over the floor and then drew a swastika on the wall how annoying is that? plus they don’t even know who it is PLUS our local police got involved. (this is an american public school by the way)

Okay…now you kinda copying my topic…

Bully’s of course.
No they do not fight me but using their sheety mouth.

I didn’t even know you had a topic about this.
??? i’m so confused now

No…but you kinda using the same thing as my topic…

Just forget it.

Im in summer vaca tho

Wich country did you went?

Im in moldova.

School starts on 1st of september and ends on 31st of may

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I belive that you are having time at sea.

Mine ends at June

how did they know it was an 8th grader then?

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Nope , chilling with family

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I though at sea because…you have it.

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Each grade has a bathroom and the 8th grade bathroom was the one vandalized

Nope , Moldova doesnt have seas.

Most people go to Ukraine at the black sea to chill.

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I forgot that they don’t have it

I see that Budzak is blocking you.

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why segregate the bathrooms based on grade rather than just have bathrooms evenly dispersed across the school for whoever happens to be in that part of the building at the time to use?

American make things weird and more complicated than they need to be.


mine starts september 6 and ends june 15

so im still in school while typing this right now

You must have internent at school then.

Trust me…they do.