Problems after upgrade

Many have problems with the new update and it is that in my case I have my account at level 33 and has 4 spaces occupied in the part of modules and in another the other account that I have has a space occupied and that level 30 is that account
I would like to know why that happens

And I leave these photos to see that I’m not lying

I know last slot open on 60 lvl.

I’m at level 30 and have all slots open
My XP seems decreased

This update is not only terrible but there are many people who can’t even play the game because it’s so bugged for them. This is the most buggy update ever, not just the most terrible.

Report any bugs you see to the SM team at their email, not just on the forums :\

I would, but luckily I don’t met (m)any bugs, but some players can’t even play the game…

I had 1 mill xp, and I need 2 mill to level up :frowning: