Problem Logging


Hi, idk why but since some minutes ago, i cannot log in on my account, it just stay on connecting server like forever, someone help me, my mech is full legendary right now, it take too much trouble make another like that one :confused:


Could you show me a pic


It stay like that forever, on firefox, chrome or edge, help ;-;


Oh that’s weird try refreshing the page


already did, cleaned cookies too, but then the game just logs out from the account like if i had not logged at all


I shall summon my friends @L4K3 @LEGENDARY_MECH @Winz_Kay @Transcendant please help this guy @Elcent @Sarah247


restart your computer
if not work
called @Sarah247 for help


Clear you cache,restart the browser and try again.
If not,restart you whole pc as it might have too much work in the background.
If this doesn’t work either,then please pm Sarah or ask for help on the Facebook community (their fb page,they will make sure to respond in due time).

Also,thanks for the summoning.


What type of computer you useing


You mean notebook or desktop?
I use a desktop


Oh like the brand you know dell mac


i’m a bit confused, because my pc was made by a friend, but i think it’s a intel… not sure if that’s the answer you’re looking, as i’m not a native english :confused:


So your friend made it for you :confused:


@PlagueKnight @L4K3 idk what i did but i get my modem and reset it to factory reset and now i can acess the game again, i must have made some mistake that idk which, but i solved now, thanks for the help and sorry with the inconvenience :confused:


I’m glad it’s fixed now.
An no,it’s no inconvenience,problems come and you have to solve them,as simple as that :slight_smile: