Problem after new update

If I play on the phone, the game is frozen every time I make matches in the arena on super mechs
I use the last version,i reinstaled the game twice,i cleared cached data

How long did you wait before quitting out of it?

Because for me, it freezes and 30 seconds later, it plays


Well like 20 seconds,let me try

Sound like this …

… for android version :exclamation:

At the PC version it is fixed :exclamation:

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Well sorry but i was in a rush and i want answers really fast so yeah i created another topic

Thank you very much,yeah it starts if you wait 30 seconds

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No problem my man. Nice and simple :innocent:

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Well we can t choose 2 mechs from 3 like others

@Sarah247 @Mohadib
Please fix this problem.

They made it with last update

Oh my god…can you message them if you want them to respond to you?
If yes then do it.

I waited 1 week for an answer from sarah

i think doing it again will notice you…
I did once…and she did noticed me.

If you have any problem write to support,they will answer faster

The fu-
They did not respond when i made a topic about bug’s n stuff.
Except Elcent…
Sarah almost never notice’s bug topic.

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You found them in super mechs app or in super mechs game,at settings

Wait i just realised that i just fuqed it up cause i did not see that it was sloved.
Sorry mate…but next time if you have a


Problem…message Sarah.
Thank you much.

First,this is spam,second,it wasn t a private problem,winz had that problem too and he told me how to deal with it

Frist…this is not spam…this is what you got your problem

Second…you did not read my stuff. I’ve said if you have soon a problem that you have…message Sarah…


I wrote to sarah and i m still waiting