Probably The Best Competitive BullDog Mech

I have probably created the most competitve bulldog mech.

It is insanely dangerous if you hook it and stay withing the range of bulldog , the damage of bulldog + last words and face shocker , usually values for 700-1000 damage.


  • Counters Crimson ruptures decently
  • Counters double anihilations / most physical mechs
  • Counters mediocre energy mechs

Since the bulldog is under-rated not a lot of people use it .

But this mech is an exeption , it has a high k/d.

Wins about 12/15 fights.

It only has 2 special items : The FaceShocker and a Basic Teleport.

Its very good


I have to agree that is a pretty good mech

do u think u could join my clan we sure could use ya help

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Your in game name is techno? Is it called “Krystal”, in little lost?


bulldog + bunker shell + face shocker= Damn


But the cons of that mech are 1. can‘t beat zarkares physical mech with 460 energy( just like me), 2.can’t beat low HP but high energy mech.

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Yes its techno , not Krystal anymore.

I changed it

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And i have to disagree , you can easily demolish high energy mechs , just stay withing range of bulldog

And why everyone said physical sucks, but I think don’t. Physical+ 3 iron planting=1800+ HP.
Ad physical have effective weapon, annihation, nightfall, nighteagle etc. 460+ energy can easy beat most energy mechs( except mech with two vanilla snipping ), And physical have 180 cooling and 350+ heat is enough. The only problem is physical vs physical who start first who wins…

My strategy:
If face energy mechs ( have vanilla snipping), use hook or teleport to 1 range, (have ash creater and vanilla snipping), don’t use drone only weapons. Damn energy mechs: wish to that the energy weapon does less damage, ( I win a Damn Mech only left 6 HP, that is effective)

If face heat mechs ( don’t have crimson rapture ),use hook grab the eremy 1 range and use annihation to boom boom boom. ( have crimson rapture) teleport to far range( most heat far range weapon is weak)

If face physical mechs: Wish for got the first turn,if not and if the eremy have 2 annihation, I died, If not, I have 50% chance to win.

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You could improve it by replacing the regen module and energy capacity module with 2 energy engines if you find another one.

(energy cap mod and regen mod) 134 cap and 22 kg + 63 regen and 15 kg = 63 regen 134 cap and 37 kg.

(2 energy engines) 25 kg 89 cap and 42 regen*2 = 178 cap 84 regen and 50 kg.

As i can see in the image you have 13 spare kg, if you replace your mods according to my post you will have: More regen, more capacity and a perfect 1000 kg mech.

I know you didn’t ask but I just want to state some potential improvements to make your competetive mech even better.

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thats not a bad idea , if i will get my hands on another energy engine im maxing them

im trying to find exactly how i do it to report for the ts team , i did it on accident smh

Well … there are a few players who have had the same accident …


At some point, the devs will just get tired of it and wipe their accounts and ban them. In the mean time, just laugh at all the “accidental” resets. lmao


I still don´t understand how months ago and they have not fixed this. If they really cannot do it or it’s negligence on the part of staff.

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I chocked it up to incompetence, but I assume they’ll wait until it gets worse. So when they start losing money because of it (who’s gonna buy packs when you can reset over and over for tokens? no one.). Then is when they’ll do something if anything at all.

Ima just keep on watching the shit show.

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lmao get your popcorn ready for a witchhunt