🤹🏼‍♀️ Pro Tips

You are pretty funny …

You always try to talk tournament winners bad - but guess, every single time you fail :exclamation:

  • someone who won a Single tournament / Single Gold Medal = winner

  • someone who won 32 Single tournaments / Single Gold Medals = 32 times winner

Every single time you try to talk it bad, shows your real intent about, you want to talk others success bad :exclamation:

Please go on, I LOVE it a LOT :exclamation:



And yes, the one who won most, won most, you will NEVER EVER be able in your life to change that fact :exclamation:
Tip for you personally :

  • try to learn to live with the fact, that there are players who play better than you


dear friend - in what way to do it ?.. false 1-1 invitations ?.. you really find it acceptable? … sometimes the screen of my laptop is yellow from such an examination of the opponents

Sometimes it seems to me that the opportunity to see your potential opponents is an evil that spoils the game and allows some players to parasitize on the flaws


Pro Tip 8: Even if you’re on the internet,that doesn’t give you the right to act like an idiot.We are also humans,not just a virtual profile.

Pro Tip 9: Again,we’re on the internet.If you’re oversensible,do yourself a favor:buy a pair of scissors and cut that internet cable.


You and me, we know that. Thank u.

Tip nr. 4

You can never win against a smurf.

Tip No. 4


why make a passive aggressive, provocative post on a genuine thread? it would be a dick move from anyone but coming from a member of a moderation team that often complains about provocations and bickering on this forum this seems deeply counter-productive.


anyway, here’s some pro-tips I threw together purely for the thrill of it.

  • #1 - diversify your setup, setups which contain only one type of mechs are extremely vulnerable to hard counter-builds which will be excedingly hard to overcome. play the probabilities. if you give them a 100% chance of pairing their counter with its target while you have to guess where they put their energy or where they deploy their heat you have a much lower chance of pairing counters with their targets.
  • #2 - experiment with new builds frequently to maximise your effectiveness. if you feel your set-up has become ovbsolete, try out new things. early in the tournament is an ideal time to do this as you can always switch back to reliable builds by the end.
  • #3 - watch the replays of frequent opponents and get a feel for the way they act in various situations. knowing your enemy is crucial in being able to exploit their weaknesses. just as a bonus here’s some wisdom I aquired from rei: any build’s weakness is its predictability.

that’s all I’ve got.


I like these 2 a lot … I will try to make 2 short sentence out of them, let me know, if I did it ok (you know my english)




Not targeted at any one person. These points relate to many of the top players and there is truth in them. This topic was about Pro Tips, so I shared.


NRO 69. Say you are going to retire and leave the account to your nephew, then come back. make friends with the moderators, they may help you. Hates who has always won and speaks badly of her, maybe that way you feel better with yourself. cry for everything maybe so get help from the moderators to give you things.


this topic makes no sense for me

You’re mediocre, this is called strategy, it’s part of the game. example when a football team is winning by a small advantage, they change a striker for a defense and modify their approach. they never go out defenses for a striker. so what are you talking about? Or are you trying to incite bullying?

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you cannot compare this game with a football championship. In a football championship, you dont hide from your opponents. If you have to play, you have to go out to the field. In a real competition, if you are the one with the best score, you have to play anyway, you cannot wait for the others to go to sleep.

The closest thing to a real competition in this game is the GOAT tournament. There you dont hide from anyone. If you hides, loses.

I only described the strategy as you put it. I said nothing subjective about it. It’s a strategy as you said, so I listed it as a Pro Tip(synonymous with strategy in some sense)

you’re wrong, here we talk about going to attack or defense being on top and deciding not to fight is valid, since you’re ahead, you do not have to go out and fight if you have nothing to gain. on the contrary you are risking your points. you have to know how to win. but from this who can tell us about this is @bestplayerintheworld she has won in all the classification systems that have existed in this game


Anyway, you have to understand that this is a game and you cannot ask for more than it’s. It’s just a game and it’s full of mistakes and weaknesses that would be intolerable in any real life competition.

I think that sometimes we take these debates too seriously about something that is not really serious. Many times I laugh while I write. I wish all the problems of people were like the ones posed by this game!


Those are the first real tips I’ve seen in this thread so far, good job.

“pro” tip
use 6 weapons at all times

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PefECt tIP