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:woman_juggling:t3: Pro Tips :woman_juggling:t3:

I saw during reading this forum, that some Pro Tips are needed …

Pro-Tip Nr 1

  • doesn’t matter how good you build / your build is, you cannot win them all :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 2

  • never be Gold Medal greedy :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 3 (credit to @Misfit)

  • watch replays from Top-Players, this way you can see their builds and how they use them :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 4 (credit to @ReiMuBots)

  • any build’s weakness is its predictability :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 5

  • if you leave a Top 3 Clan for better Clan medals, make sure you not end up in a Clan, which is not able to win a Clan medal or only able to win a worser medal :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 6

  • do not trust anybody about your account, don’t give away your password and username, your account may be gone (“stolen”) if you do :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 7 (credit to @Rikka )

  • play Campaign whenever possible to get as much resources as possible :exclamation:

Pro-Tip Nr 8 ( credit to @XL1Aomegac_gameplays )

  • a good timed switching Mechs during the battle can lead to a victory :exclamation:


that one is for you
(this is a joke dont take me seriously)


Can’t understand your logic :exclamation:

Here my logic behind this tip …
if you are too Gold Medal Greedy, you can lose Position 1 at Ranking faster than you can think :exclamation:
So you end up with NO Single Gold Medal :exclamation:

Believe me, if someone at this game has most expxierence about how to achieve Single Gold Medals, it me :exclamation:
Being greedy for Single Gold Medals, do NOT help :exclamation:


P.S.: read you added …

… after this post, yes as joke it works :exclamation:




i just made a bad joke based on your medal count.
(like i said,dont take me seriously)


Cough cough greed for rank 1 cough cough.


Pro-Tip No.3

This is a flash game


This should be tip number 1

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Nice tip, but I would prefer really good tips for the gameplay at SuperMechs, as example (may it be bad or good) …

  • buy a flower :tulip: and put it beside your screen during playing, you will improve

… maybe a good tip for your feeling, but it will not really help you :exclamation:

But yes, feel free to make good Pro-Tips suggestions, I will add the best one once a week :exclamation:

(or I will add one each week, until you all know all my “secrets” of my success)


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But you’re only rank 2 usually aren’t you?

Yes, I am pretty bad … watch please …

… so my tip for you personally :

  • please try harder :exclamation:


How could I possibly try harder without either a bigger wallet such as yours or better droprates?

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I didn’t ment your gameplay, I talked about your try to trash-talk :exclamation:


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I was simply commenting on your typical rank per week, I wasn’t try to trash-talk anyone.

Ouchies, this is gonna get pretty toxic fast-


You did :exclamation: Lieing about, doesn’t make it look better for you :exclamation:

Forum members are able to read and to understand, don’t think they are fools :exclamation:


Once upon a time

Oh wait no, anytime since the beggining of the world, HTK and Reign are fighting each others…


pro tip 4. spend lots and lots of money


Is there any other way to get gold medals other than playing well? I understand that in any discipline who wins a gold medal is the best player of all.

Or maybe you can get a gold medal by staying static in the 1, playing at times where there are few “pro” connected, taking advantage of system weaknesses, etc.

What exactly does a gold medal mean? Does it mean that you are the one who has played better or does it mean that you have been the most astute to capture the weaknesses of system?

I think the game would be very different if to get a medal people had to compete and necessarily win certain players. That is, a real competition, a real contest, and not this bullshit called “competition” that is this game.


kkkkkkkkkkkkk speaks a person who has more than 10 medals la top kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Pro Tip 5: Keep an eye on your potential opponents at your rank. If you can not beat them, do not fight in the arena until they are offline.

Pro Tip 6: Make deals with devs of the game to give you cheaper tokens

Pro Tip 7: Find ways to “help” the game so you may be compensated with premium items that others may never be lucky enough to get.

That’s all for now