Pro Gamer Changes + Huge Research


I don’t wanna see his profile face ever again.


XD i was bored, ok???


my mech is farming already and my school issued chromebook has alot of stuff blocked… ;-;


yeah yeah, whatever. theres alot of trash games. hard to find a decent one that ill play for 30 minutes…


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What sort of games you look for ?
Web, normal pc games ?

Quickly i can fully recommend : :blush:

  • Devil May Cry 3
  • Ark Survival Evolved
  • Rome I Total WAR + (and without too) mod the last days.



For now, mobile. trying to get a pc.


If you don’t fear gore/blood/explosions/etc, I can advise you to try “The PeaceKeeper” from BerzerkStudio, a nice little game to pass time, but you should not take care of the handful of bugs and glitches (some are useful, some other are fun-killers…^^) (published on Google Play by A10)

If you’re more on strategic simulation, try Plague Inc., it’s fun too, but maybe a bit ressourcevore…:smile_cat:
Other than that, idk right now ^^


infinity ops is a good one.


Totally agree.

Peacekeeper is great one.
If you find more berzerk games, then play them too.

With mobile i can’t help much now,
but good one i played, that is for mobile/pc is :

Pirate : Carribean hunt

There are nice sea battes.


Great one with its killing humor and own memes…
Like the Axe pun storm :joy_cat:


I will give you peace !

Peace off !


"-Hey Peacekeeper, we only want a bit of…sugar…can we enter now ?
-Oh my, what a misunderstanding…but here’s for a hot cup of LEADED PEACE "

This always kills me…

with the “-Axe it Harry, you didn’t made better than us…” :joy_cat:


Try Batle Cry - great strategic game from berzerk.
Also Frantic Frigate is nice arcade game.

Try clicking outside game window (so text “pause” appear) and doing nothing for 1 minute in second game. - “Open” (honest) marketing is killing me in berzerk games.

That was most suprising for me in all game, what happend.


After half of the year they did what i wanted, yupi :exclamation:
My mission is complete :exclamation:

Now time for adding shields :thinking: :triumph:


I have from few days Smartphone.

I’m pro gamer soo…
last few days i played mobile all the time.

Now i have phone full of games and can
recommend few great games :

  • Monster Legends,

  • Grim Souls

  • Stick War Legacy

  • Battle for Wesnoth

Last 2 didn’t played YET on Android - first 2 + casual playing SM are very absorbing but…

I played both on PC.

And Battle for Wesnoth i specially searched for mobile, such good it is - BEST free Tactic strategy game on pc ever.

For many best strategy, even if it would be bought.


Ah yes absorbing 3 games and 6-7 played simultanesly are not main reason (that i dont play all recomm. games).

It’s… not enough memory on phone.
And all my 5GB are taken by mobile games xd.

I believe i will get used to writing on phone. :smile:


Edit : What are You playing now mobile ?

And lets tell me someone, how the hell can i undo while typing on AND, example undo last pasted/writed text.