Pro Gamer Changes + Huge Research


Yeah all people from pools, what have same mind as me agree :slight_smile:


Its a simple typo. There is a difference between bad grammar and simply hitting the wrong button on the keyboard


My wolf is beatiful.
Like my pools.

I’m afraid i will not argue with you.
I have better things to do. :scorpion:


off topic


Yeah he says about my bad language, with all words in his post fucked XD :joy:


I am sorry but
sometimes you’re terrible at grammar too.

You’ve meant ‘‘which is worse?’’

Jesus christ.

Now let’s not fight at this sht.


I will not fight, cuz you could have right, and i could have to kill you to wash my shame :grin:


I whashed your shame.

Now let’s back with your research.


I think all people who wanted, already voted.
Maybe 1-2 persons more will vote.


You don’t need all of them to vote.
It’s fine.


I would like to have as many people as possible to vote.
So @Tacticsoft will care about these opinions.


They won’t.
They only listen at their ‘‘fan’’ topics.

But hey! At least you give us a good point.


I gave to much fire power to this
to just let them say :

I don’t care. :bomb:


Lol okay.


It will explode when someone cares :bomb: :japanese_ogre:


Wow…some of my posts got flagged :frowning:


Mostly due to the fact they’re off topic or were rude, filled with unnecessary hate or something else.

yes I’m off topic myself but I’m merely explaining this to you


Yes ;D…


Both are good vers.

Shakespear was using "worser "word :smiley: Ex. Hamlet Lines 159-160, Act 3 Sc 4

I looked it up, and there are 21 instances of worser in Shakespeare’s works (I used this for the count).

I wanted to spent some time to fight against shit ;D


i was bored, ok???