Pro Gamer Changes + Huge Research


Ok i used bad words.
They will be bored.

And when something happens :

  • Mom says : Come Jack, Dinner’ s ready.
  • I have to piss me of.
  • Or something

…People have pissed battle.

1V1. Or even 2v2 you can yet end fast, but not 3v3.

I have nothng too 3v3.
I have something to FORCED 2v2.

You see what is with 2v2.
What reward you become and how long they are.

Think about what happens when they will make 3v3
They will increase rewards by 5%. HA HA HA :joy:

And to get wins for clan, and to make much battle is just hard because of longevity of battles.


Check number, for that i made them ;D


speaking of which… i found a dude with a heat shield! XD i instantly used a heat bomb! :rofl::joy:


Ha ha ha ha !
Pure Guy.


Yes cheaper items for token sale is here !
Guess who hass 1600 tokens ?

I believe Premium boxes will not be nerfed.
Regarding to pool No.1, nerf of drop before change is killing game.


So you are saying they should ruin a game under the assumtion that little kids, who should not be playing this game anyway, its 13+, will be too bored or scared to fight 3v3?
What is the real reason you dont want 3v3?


1, It will be too long.
2. I like when you have not 100 % wins.

Even best player can in 1v1 come to someone who will ■■■■ him.
It’s boring to win always.

Who cares about 13+.

Not scared, scared away by long battles.
…and shit rewards hhhhh :no_entry_sign:


What are you even saying? That entire post makes no sense.


Your reason about 2v2 being better than 3v3 is shallow
As I stated in my previous post:

If you’re unlucky you lose,so it means less wins=less rewards

Here you still have a chance of winning even though you made the wrong move,so more wins=more rewards


You want better rewards but you don’t want a lot if wins.WTH?

This KID makes me want to curse lol


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


Do you mean…


joke,don’t take personally


SHORTCUT - without “i”- allien.
I don’t waste time on you

That will be good for you. Analyze it… ;d
And fight about what he means XD


this is just stupid. You make a thread, where you think everyone is going to vote yes on your polls, and you get extremely offended when there is any opposition. That is not a good way to conduct yourself.
And when you argue, you just call people “kid” and say “I’m not gonna waste my time” right before writing a hude argument.


I want forced 6v6 :joy:


i’M sorry for your missundrestanding, i wrote whole post…

then 3 more, but this gUY can’t get, that’s my point of view.
And his infinitely fighting about, his point of view is better without tolerance for others thougs.

His like a bigot, that when someone says : “i dont believe in god”, he will fight about why he has right and god exist and dont acept even that someone can say others.


Offenind was counter to his offend, intolerance and
conceited fighting, cuz of our diferences in opinions.

So i deleted most my posts to not spam.
Main remannts are in post 42.

You can see what kind of kid, like he called me first, he is watching his doubling pool, which already exist, and i asked to delete it.

I will not waste time for someone that can’t accept that others can have other mind, like something else.


It seems that you can’t either.


Which his worse, his english or his arguement?

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His ideas.


YOUR english LOL,

What is worser ?
Which is worser ? - but this version is strange


(Sarcasm) Yeah i atacked everyone who said, something i don’t agree lol.

I tried to say my opinion and I was attacked every time by bigot, who said why he has right.
I don’t fought for every detail.

But think what you want.