Pro Gamer Changes + Huge Research

regarding the first poll, why are the choices flip-flopped

I don’t think so.If i uderstanding that.

well idk bout you but

premium boxes do only contain epic or higher tier items

so there is nothing to change

edit: oh nvm, i understand what it’s saying now, but i still don’t think anything should change. tokens are easy to get given you put in the time

8. Myth Plates, are too OP.

Should Myth Plates, be from Epic ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Tell your opinion how it should be solved, below.

Omg yes!

9. Gold Boxes


Cost 100 000 gold = Gold Box

Gold Box = 1-3 (random) Legendaries

Cost and number of items can be changed to be balanced, its just example.
High Price BOXES with guaranteed legendaries it’s consensus.

Prices can go up every time you buy one each day, ( like before)
so it will reward active gamers, and will assure, that legendaries will not overrun game.

It will also make easier to get legendaries in small amount, but without overmaking.

Who wanna Gold Boxes ?

  • I wanna Gold Boxes, it’s sure thing BRO !
  • I don’t wanna Gold Boxes, Tacticsoft have to earn ;d
  • I’m from Tacticsoft i have to earn

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Many Legends, are Legendary versions of Common items (mostly trash),
so it will not be too easy to get good stuff, and will not impact @Tacticsoft earning.

Unfortunately, it’s sure that Gold Boxes and changes to Premium boxes, which all want, will not be made.

Cuz Tacticsoft have to earn and it will cost them to much.
It will hit in their main Earn Station - buying tokens.

Buying tokens for prem. boxes.
Which you have to buy in high amount cuz of shit drop.

Do you see possibility to keep them earning ?

10. Arena

How do you see it ?

  • I want only 1v1 in arena (No 100 % winning)
  • I want 1v1 + 3v3 in arena (like before)
  • I want 1v1 + forced 2v2 in arena (like now)

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I say only ■■■■ forced 2v2.
Thx for 1v1 on 15 rank. It should give reward, at least gold according to rank.

I want only 3v3

With a months warning, of course
They would also have to reduce clan box from 2000 wins to 1500 (3v3 takes much longer)

XD your crazy…

Not really. It is the most skilled mode. 1v1 relies a lot off luck, and see does 2v2.

I think it will be too long.
Most people are kids, it will scare them away.

Scare them? What? No, it will just eliminate the luck factor that the arena now has.

Yes, scare them away, i know how it is with kids.
It’s about action, and new environment.

Too long battle with same oponent will scare them.
Specially if he is better.

Edit. If you want to eliminate luck factor destroy range of dmg (random dmg output)
Strategy is something about luck, you need to be prepared for counterattack.

11. Claw is OP ???

Is Claw overpowered ?

  • Yes, it should be changed in some way.
  • No, it’s ok, they don’t move, changes will make them not usefull.

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12. Arena 2v2 X 2 Gold Rewards.

When some poll choice is clear then this.


2v2 means 2 times longer battle.
Clear, reasonable and fair is 2 times better gold reward for this then.

Arena points i think could be something better, but it’s not necessary.

Want you 2 times better gold rewards for 2v2 Arena ?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you think other than Yes, you are from @Tacticsoft.
Ok, that was mean, but i dont delete it.

Don’t feel bad cuz of that, it’s just joke.
I saw much more sick p2w games.

13. Gold for 1v1 on rank 15.

Do you want gold for 1v1 arena battles on rank 15 ?

  • Yes
  • No

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14. EMP

Should EMP be changed ?

  • Yes, more weight for EMP
  • Yes, limited range
  • Yes, both limited range and increased weight
  • Yes, other change
  • No, it’s ok

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@L4K3 You are NO-MAN.

Say Yes !

I’ts on topic, he said NO !
To all pools.

Say NO to this post and flag it, and you will die…