Pro Gamer Changes + Huge Research


Here will be much my and maybe others ideas for changes.
I will ask you all about your opinion.

Like here - Premium Packs are not worth it -
First change is about Premium boxes.
They suck.

1. In premium boxes should be only items existing from : Epic +.


Other items you can get easy in silver boxes.

Here are much Common to Epic (or further lv) items ,
so mostly you will get from premium packs common items (on Epic Lv)
which you get from silver, and easily can upgrade them to Epic.

And cuz of that you get much items who are only to Epic lv (useless) from premium pack.
So Premium boxes are not worth it.

If you don’t change this it’s sure you made it for lowering good items drop chance, to earn more money. I understand, but thats toooo unfair. P2W.

Should items in Premium Box be only items existing from Epic Lv or higher ?

  • It should be like it is : Items in Premium box can exist from any lv. (so it can be Common item on Epic lv)
  • Change it : Items in Premium Boxes should be only items existing from Epic.

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BTW. someone was 10 min. faster in writing about this… link above.

Work in progress.

Sorry for hard language, i’m precisely.

Range and Weight Strategy
War Hammer - Hello!
War Hammer - Hello!
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Idk…Premium boxes are not that bad.

off topic
You got an friend.


I say only about, you get trash common -> Epic.
That you can’t do anything with it.
And you can get them easy from silver.


2. Shields should be in game.


Shields protect from damage in exchange for cost in energy or heat. Heat/Energy Shields.

Should shields be in game ?

  • Yes, give us shields.
  • No, we want no shields.

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Oh yes…finaly someone who wants shields back.


3. Drone which gives resistance.


Pl Dron nie strzela, ale daje odporność na obrażenia w zamian za energie lub ciepło każdej tury.
En Dron which not shoot but gives resistances in cost of energy or heat, each turn.
De Drohne, welcher schießt nicht, aber gibt Resistenz zum schaden fur Kost in Energie uder
Warm, jeder Runde.

Do you want Resist Drone ?

  • Yes, we wanna Resist Drone.
  • No, we wanna not Resist Drone.

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The drone does not fire, but gives resistance to damage in exchange for energy or heat

Thank me later.

I google translated


Haha i easy translate it. My head hurted me so i writed it on polish to easier bring my thoughs here.
And i wanted to see what people reaction will be XD.


You transleted to German?


4. Force Field

Opis / Details

Force Field chroni przez jedną turę przed wszystkimi obrażeniami. Zakładany do slotu tarczy, 1 użycie.
Force Field protects for 1 turn from all dmg. Equiped in Shield slot. 1 use.
Force Field beschützt von allen schaden vor 1 zug.Rüstet in Schield slot.1 nutzung.

Want you Force Field ?

  • YES
  • NO

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  1. Power units are Fucked up.

Pl Power unit to hujnia z patatajnią, która nie ma powodu by istnieć.
De Power unit hat kein Sinn und hat kein Grund zu existieren
En Power unit is nonsense and has no reason for existence.

Do you want that Power Unit can be used to transform ? (It’s briliant idea it’s 6-10 x cheaper)

  • Yes, SURELY, specially as Myth food.
  • No, DESTROY this shit.

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Tf is that question?

It’s off topic.


I’ts XD question for my fun ;d


Well you are going to get flaged mate.
Go make a new topic about that.


Don’t go against jam ! XD


Why you don’t wanna have use of power unit ?
It’s only profit.


@TacticSoft I have great idea to expand game. Like i see you much inspired by Battle Cry (Who don’t know, you have to play -

So i COMMIT you to place inside Super Mechs a… Survival mode.
So it will be a oportunity to make money, in addition to arena, when fuel is out.
So it will be more interesting not just bored by arena.


6. Survival MODE


This will be like in Battle Cry.
It will be a new way to earn gold.

2 versions of survival :

  • One constant, with some variants of mechs on each wave. Example for 1 wave will exist 3 diferent mechs from which can you random one to fight with.

  • Totally random generated mech with random equip.
    For totally amazing and insane fights ;d

Want you new Survival Mode ?

  • Yes it’s amazing idea ! You’re our god pray!
  • No, i like to be bored.
  • SURFIFAL ? Whats THIIS ?

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Ok XD. Surfifal (survival) is when you fight with one mech after other, wave after wave, until you die, here to earn gold.

Just play game from link you will understand.


7. Sick Survival


MAD Variant of survival made by me.

Simple said:
Best rank mech 1-5, fight with low rank mechs 20 - 10, one after other.

Superior mech will become prize for every win.
Low rank mechs will become prize for dmg done and/ or turns survived.

Who is interested in Sick Survival ?

  • Good idea
  • Bad Idea

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regarding the first poll, why are the choices flip-flopped


I don’t think so.If i uderstanding that.