🐮 😺 👸 ❤️ :-) 🐸 I think I love the new update 🐸 :-)

I really am enjoying the game now since they nerfed energy mechs, my matches have been a lot more challenging and fun.
I still think they will nerf energy mechs to the point of making them useless, but right now the game is very fun.


Did they make a new change more recently? Balance seems okay right now TBH.

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Si toda la mierda sale es exclusiva para eléctricos, no me venga con que gran update, si duras penas los heat solo pueden porque el drone no usa energía pero si usara vale queso el heat como el físico actualmente XD!

i agree , the balance is ok , but i still think the annihilations and nighfalls + all of the 3 shotguns need to be tweaked…

Challenging = fun. :slight_smile:
Good to hear.

I don’t want them to keep nerfing energy mechs, though… :frowning:

I’m Stuck with a Full inventory with many many boxes…

but that’s just me :bust_in_silhouette:

is that tilte better?

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The title seems to change every time I visit the threads list… :smiley:

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Thanks @oliboy23 :heartpulse:

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People with regular rank and up can change other people’s titles lol.

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oh so thats why my malice beams stopped doing 200 damage, they just made all my friends in this game disappear. but other than that ill say its going amazing

Whhaa? My beams aren’t OP anymore?! :rage:
Time to riot


Yes we must riot… to the Bar i say… we must adress the Dictator( columbian rum, 18years aged in oak barrels)… and after we adress him several times… we set sail with the black flags… to riot…i think


Lol @oliboy23 are you the one changing my title on this post or is is more than one person haha!! When I made it there were no emotes in the title except a heart.

yeah that is me plus i put the heart in

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  • :princess:

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was me :stuck_out_tongue:


:cow: me


Haha you guys :revolving_hearts:

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Kids are roaming the streets rn