Price of silver boxes rises confirmed (NO CLICKBAIT)

Well I just thought you can never be too sure, so I’ve checked.


Even if price stopped rising somewhere around 100k gold who would buy it lol

You forgot your irony detector at home, go back and grab it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know its a joke dood

Well, well… and all the spit on the Gold portal… :crazy_face:

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It’s a shame what they did with these boxes! You can get to pay 200,000 coins for 1 of these boxes and get 3 common!

No sense. They went 10 towns further away!

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Just a side note: you can get 2 cards, both with common rarity…so it’s worse…

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LeL, I would like to try a 200K gold box with 2 common items :joy:
Unfortunately it will be a long time from now for me to being able to dump all that gold in silver boxes again :sweat_smile:

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I’ve actually done the math and from 3400 to 161400 it’s 13101600 gold :sweat_smile:



So you really bought them up to that price or it is just photoshoped :question:


Well if 162400 is there my last box was the one sold for 161400.

That’s real: I was really pissed because I was tweaking my heat mech and I was looking for a Terror Cry since Repulsor, well, it’s a wasted turn. Long story short, I’ve kept opening boxes for 2 months and I haven’t found even a single TC, so one day I just dumped all my gold into boxes in a desperate attempt :sweat_smile: :joy:

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Oh ok, at least you got “some” boost material :exclamation:

Also - tacticsoft giving us some hidden numbers, would bring a lot light :sunny: into many dark “corners” from this game.

I got 3 Valiant Snipers in short time, AFTER I got not 1 for months, and also NOT 1 Magma Blast for months.

So it looks a lot more like tacticsoft change % chances from time to time, instead being random.

Or at least this is the impression we get, as long as tacticsoft hide all % chances :exclamation: