Price it costs to max out an item


How much it costs to max an item out:

Common: 360
Rare: 10,313
Epic: 53,901
Legendary: 159,183
Mythical: 526,820


500,000 is the exact price to improve a mythic?


Yes from level one mythical it will cost you 500,000 coins to max it out.


it’s actually 526,000 (forgot the last three but its 526k regardless).


How is this number found?? Do you mean only the Transform Price or including the cost of items put into it?


Any idea how many items? Common/rare?


Items put into a lvl 1 myth item. I have a screenie of it on my other system, one momento!

The cost of lvl 1 to lvl 50 fusing. Add on another 100k (for transforming) and the total costs of legs (53k to max to lvl 30 + 50k to transform epics to leg).

Comes out to roughly 1,044,820 gold. Roughly cuz I forgot the total of max epic (it’s 53 something something, and same for lvl 40 leg which is 153k something something).


Oh so it’s completely to max out an item…
What! that is so useful…

Now to calculate how many boxes you need to buy to do this


Yep, this is why it takes so bloody long lmao it’s well worth it, but my god these costs could beseriously cut down more.

I recall someone mentioning during the beginning of** reloaded that fusing costs were double this, if I’m correct (i dunno for sure).


30 PM

23 PM

14 PM

Can we find out how many boxes we need to by on average or on a range to max a mythical?


Now that’s something, I cannot do. Solely because I am lazy and I can’t stay focused on counting such things. But if you go by each type of items power added. I believe a max mythical item is 437,630.
someone do please correct me if I’m wrong!



That’s not that much money for max mything


I asked you because I was too lazy to :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I am lolling


Can you do it for us?


I think I can okay let me just finish farming I will tell in less that 5 hours. Ment than 5 hours



526,820 / 530(Average of 482+530+578=530) = 994 items. If one 32,500 box (5 boxes of 2-3 items = 5 boxes of 2.5 items) gives us on average 5*2.5 =12.5 items, the 994 / 12.5 = 79.52 boxes. This equals to 2,584,400 gold.

So overall, you need 3,111,220 gold and have to buy 80 boxes to completely max a myth. On average.

Tell me if I made a mistake.
This will go in my Fun Facts thread

Supermechs Fun Facts! (or just facts)

Okay I will try it to I. Will check


common for me costs 720, not 360.


Sorry to revive this topic but the price for upgrading items has gone up :rage:


Well, I maxed my claw only using 2mil so it went down for me