Prestige option, with perk points to purchase new perks


Prestige resets your level, but the benefits are that you get prestige upgrades of choice.
Level up weight, Health, Damage, Cooldown or other effects.

Reset level in exchange for prestige points and get multiple choices in mech benefits.


so by gaining experience you can become even more powerful than by merely gaining a level.
this idea is basically “add even more levels”, as practically everyone would go for prestige.



The prestige idea is good, but it should only be used for aesthetic purposes, maybe unlocking different types of color kits (!!), adding special tags to your in-game name… etc.

Not changing the stats of your mechs.


I agree with fluxeh.


I believe if u get some level of xp u should get atleast one ultra power kit or silver box.


Sounds like that option from CATS. But yeah I think it should be only for perks, no level reset or items gone. Maybe one perk point per ladder win, and one perk costs like 10 or 100 points?