Prempack at titan tokens


I usually keep my inventory full (always). so I wasn’t given boxing. I bought the box and opened it when the inventory is full, because clan awards are collected with the full inventory!

@Sarah247 @SilverBox @jonny @Mohadib please watch the log, did i get the items?
because it seems to me I did not get boxing!

Oh yeah, if boxing is received then this means 0 legendary! So goodbye titan, you’re no longer interesting to me!


This happened to me but I kept in lowcase.

@Sarah247 @SilverBox @jonny @Mohadib
Players keep losing stuff and you do nothing, it’s a shame Lol.


Omg! That’s a nightmare to see, all that effort for nothing. Wow… :open_mouth:


This has hurt me as much as it hurt you,losing it after such a long time earning it.

This happened to me on a couple occasions,too.Mostly on portals.
I even reported it over a month back (or more,I don’t remember)…Also,it’s not like this hasn’t already been reported like…1000 times?
Come on TS team,what are you doing?


help me…




Please PM me with your user ID and the time in which you tried to open the box (as accurately as you can remember, with your time zone please) and we will look into it.


I’m still waiting!




@Berserk40000 и @Smirk
help me


@ Berserk40000 @Smirk


Hello! :slight_smile: @1160
as @jonny said, we need your user ID sent to our PM :slight_smile:





0 legendary/…

@jonny thanks for your help


my game hasnt updated to let me buy the prempack with titian tokens the option is not there please help