Premium packs gold

I have 453tokens should I get a premium pack and some gold

don’t buy gold, buy campaign refils.

its better value for your money.


It is full @Misfit right now

what I mean is grind the campaign and use refils to continue grinding, it will get you more cash and fuse stuff per token then buying sm coins outright.

Save them.
When a new item portal apears, use them to buy refils and farm/grind that portal.



mistake got one premium pack got lightning sup,golem ,burning boot legs hunglerg beam whatever it is and a torment drone so much for my first premium pack

Buying boxes and packs isn t a bad idea when dropd are high

It is not…
But those are for when you look for specific items.
Not when you are building up you mech.
I say first build 2 decent mech that can handle portals opn hard atleast… then move on to fishing for items in packs.

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I used 560 tokens is 2 days to paint 2 mechs so yeah…
I’m not getting anything from boxes whatsoever so,instead of getting a couple extra epics,I chose to show off by making my setup white and red.
Either do that to show off :slight_smile: (if you’re not feeling lucky) or wait for the next sale (and until then,you’ll also going to save up some more).
Really,having white mechs is amazing.

Also,as Misfit said,don’t buy gold.Instead of 50 tokens for 50k,you can buy a refill (if you’re impatient) for 30 tokens and get around 90k per full tank.Much better value (1:3 for farming,1:1 for buying).

If there is a gold portal like now then do the gold portal for gold.
If there is no gold portal then do this:
For gold do mission 6 in Overlord’s Den in one-mech-campaign on Insane Mode.
That has the best payout for gold per fuel and only 3 enemies in the mission.

Gold portal done how much insane I still din’t defeat hard

In Insane Mode on a gold portal you can get ca. 64000 gold at best while the lowest is 9700.
Mostly I end up with the middle rewad of ca. 28000 gold or so.

He cant beat hard of the gold portal.
Let him farm the highest campaign lvl, until he gets strong enough.
Dont buy anymore boxes, until you finished the campaign on hard… the whole campaign.

I bet the hard mode as well as the normal mode

I thought his last post meant:

“Gold Portal done. How much does it give on Insane? I still didn’t (can’t) beat it on hard.”

That is why I wrote that last comment.

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Then do hard/insane gold portal for gold.

isane is hard I need aleast 20 tokens-30

Then do hard.Can you do hard without revives?
And dont waste tokens on revives.

Then do not do Insane.
There is no meaning in beating the portal for gold if you have to use tokens for each time.