Premium packs boosted?

Based on evidence from numerous posts and personal experience,
it would be reasonable to assume that Prem packs got boosted.

General discussions is full of people showing off their luck with multiple leg and prem items.
Last sale, the forum was full of people showing trash drops.

it did because thats cool

Well nice for them all! But the people with a supposed blocked account always never find platinium and protector whatever they spend…

Cheer for all the lucky account :wink:

What are u saying? What did u just type, can u answer me with constructive message??

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Here is my lucky opening of 1 rack cause I don’t have enough token to buy a second one

So I don’t really see a boost…it’s a nerf for me X.X ^^


i said that thats cool

I got 4 legendary from the same box today, the next one I had tokens for was 5 epic.

2 packs and all i got was 1 desert fury and useless epics

She said this at 16th of January. This is how TS fixes things. Maybe in 2021 we won’t have cheaters in the raid.


I got one relic from a fortune box this week

In 2021 this game is not gonna exist lmao


Well, I bought 2 packs today and got 3 legends in first one and 1 in second…
So seems like better drop rates, but I also am in premium account today.


why say why :confused::confused::confused:

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I can’t connect your 1st post and 2nd post.first you said PP is boosted because it’s cool,but when @Soylent asked about what you mean on your 1st post you said PP is cool because it’s boosted. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

what the pp again :confused::confused:

click here

it means premium pack

oh i should have known

No he can not. He is veeeeery young.

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do you mean that to me