Premium Packs are not worth it


These “premium packs” need a tweak. Maybe the boxes too? Yes definitely the boxes too.

I bought a pack which would cost you 335 tokens I think. You do not spend all those tokens to get some pathetic C-E or R-E items. The one I bought contained these: Supreme Cannon (already have 3 of these), Hungering Beam, Charged Walkers, Sikanda and Iron Boots.

I also realized that 65% of the epics I obtain are max epics. (From the premium boxes, not silvers)

My dudes, you spend real money to get tokens or you grind tokens just to buy one of these without having to resort to open your wallet and just throw you credit card away.

You can just easily obtain these max epics by spamming the silver boxes.

Best way to “fix” these so called premium boxes is to make it guaranteed E-M items. Items that start from common but can be transformed to myth such as Corrupt Light aren’t an exception. You shouldn’t get the epic versions in premium boxes.

Also, Premium Packs need to atleast have a guaranteed legend in it. (This may cause a debate, please tell me your opinions about it)

But this does not apply to silver boxes or fortune boxes.

So yeah, please tell me your opinions about the premium boxes, thanks.

Pro Gamer Changes + Huge Research

I buy premium boxes , not packs.

They seem to have given me most L-M otems so far (Seraph , Weaver , Bulldog , Heat Capsule , Energy capsule and others)


I got the smoldering hook from a premium pack e.e
(Maybe blind luck?)


The only good thing I got from Silver boxes are Zarkareses (Is that even a real word?) Iron boots at epic, E-M Modules (Both heat and elec) Nightfalls (I have like 4 now) Annihilations (I have three of them now) Night Eagles, Grim Cobras, Last words, Face Cancer, Snack, Torment and etc. Just keep trying. Oh and for the premium boxes or packs they suck, I got crappy stuff So yeah… Both suck, I would waste gold on silver than Token cost ones


i wouldn’t buy prem packs until there’s a sale, by then i’ll be able to puy 2 or 3 (10-15 epics-legendaries)
ALSO i buy packs cause they’re cheaper than boxes


This is the percentage of premium boxes and packs :

W/o sale :
75% Epics
25% Legendaries

W/ sale :
Either still

75% Epics
25% Legendaries


70% Epics
30% Legedarie

On the 20% more items and stuff and 50%

20% more items is

65% Epics
35% Legendaries

50% more items is

50% Epics
50% Legendaries


Are these numbers legit? :wink:


70% Yes
30% No


These are calculations made by me with daily getting of these stuff (or actually 3 months ago and stuff) and some part are actually made with QUIK MAFFS


We need a box of one “the god mode box” one guarenteed myth to be reasonable though like cost wise about 3 to 4 hundred tokens with a 30% chance not in ur inventory


Thats WAAAY too low, you already got Premium Packs for 335 tokens that gives out 5 guaranteed epics with a slight chance of legendaries. So what’s 400 tokens for 1 myth? Probably needs to be 800-1,200 tokens.
Also maybe 25-35% chance not in inventory yeah.


Sounds reasonable cant argue with that or maybe a 300 token 1 legend box


Ok, I agree for a legendary box, but now that’s too expensive, transforming an epic seems like a more reasonable option .-.

Probably a hefty 150-200 tokens for a box.

Then a 5 legend pck is 500-625 tokens!


You are wasting your tokens so badly…

The chances are exactly the same.


Actually, in my experience they are not.
I don’t know if other feel differently, but I have had 2 legendaries from 11 premium boxes, but not even 1 legendary from 4 premium packs.


The chances are random, simple as that.


It’s called RNG
You can be lucky sometimes and unlucky sometimes


Yeah i think that thatd be cool


I could not disagree more! I have made extensive tests based on my purchases (and boy, I spent an insane amount on this game). While I received about 10% chance on landing a legendary in a premium box (so it is 1 legend in 10 boxes max! abysmall!), I may assure you that in the longer run (about 10+ premium PACKS, so yeah, that is circa 3300 toks to spend…) you will definately hit the regions of minimum 1 legend per PACK. Sometimes it is 2 packs of epics only, followed by a 2-legend or even 3-legend pack, but still, in general, it is circa 1 leg per Pack. So it is much better than boxes. With boxes, 1 leg costs you about 750 toks, with packs, it is only 330. Waaay better.


I think calculing % of random things don’t actually works.

Months ago i bough 12 premium PACKs and didn’t got a single legendary, but that doesn’t means the chances are below 1%, right?