Premium Pack Unboxing 2: Electric Boogaloo


So i did the bigger unboxing this time.
This was a few days ago too.

I got the profaned platinum plating people seem to be buzzing about nowadays (and for good reason).

This is the second big unboxing without the one item i want and never will get, but i guess i feel “meh” about getting my first platinum plating seeing as how it takes more than 1 to be decent apparently.

I managed to myth the plating to myth with all the garbage food items i got and mythed/legendary’d some parts on my heat mech (grammar 100)

Here are my current mechs after this unboxing and such.

Thank you for viewing this post and what not. Etcetera etcetera.

*i fused away archimonde 2 days before the buff but its okay because I’ll never use it.




You realize that with a claw, you can put 1 plat on your claw mech and then put 3 heat modules and 4 energy modules to make an all rounder.


Yes but I’m focusing on my heat mech not my claw mech.


Those are some good items you got there and all, but no one seems to be asking the REAL question…

What was that Epic you didn’t flip?!?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


I thought i flipped them all and took the screenshot before tapping it. It was ronin torso. Obviously the best torso in the game


Is that sarcasm?


Holy shit.
You have so many good premium parts,you could fill up 2 mechs!


WOW , Damn , once i saw the FALCON top weapon , i was like holy shit


Come on, you know thats sarcasm.


Dammit Rikka. You’re making me jealous :laughing:


teh Claw and PP dont hav lul

… Okay that was like a weird deja Vu.

But I wish you luck on gathering it!


10 L-M items, :ok_hand:


But what is sarcasm lmfao.

I know it is lol.


im now so jealous cause i dont have much tokens


Don’t worry. Just do your hardest to save up tokens from raids, ads and etc like I do!


Or, if you’re on pc, you can sit on surveys for a few hours and get ez tokens


What he said. Be a super cool