Premium Items + Pictures (Soon to come)

Here is a list of premium weapons (Will be editted soon to be better):


18 PM


-Desert Fury




-Armor Dissolver

-Armor Annihilator


-Spartan Carnage
15 PM

-Mighty Cannon
59 PM



-Rolling Beasts
37 PM





-Flaming Scope






-Magma Blast





-Valiant Sniper








-Mortal bullet

-Bunker Shell



-Sparked Runners

Special Items

-Advanced Teleporter

-Platinum Grappling Hook

-Shocking Grappling Hook

-Flaming Grappling Hook

-Heat Storage Unit

-Energy Storage Unit

-Ultrahot Protector

-Supercharge Protector

-Mighty Protector

-Maximum Protector

-Platinum Plating


What about the Supreme Cannon? So only L-M are premium?

Any L+M weapon is considered premium because before you were able to get them from p2w boxes.

There are shit Premium Weapons and Good/Great Premium Weapons.

I always thought premium weapons were ones you rarely get which included epic to myth for me, whoops

Nah, those are just normal ones with trash RNG. Which is depressing.

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These are the premium weapons I know so far:

-Valiant Sniper
-Reckoning and Mercy
-Desert Fury
-Mortal bullet
-Murmur and Anguish.

This is all I know. Hope it helped though.

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Hold on… I’ll list them at the top and change this topic

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you forgot duskmaker

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lol all of these are listed in Andernut’s thread called maxed mythicals listing. Just search it and all L-M items have (L) in his topic.

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I’m going to add all the picture whenever I can


Do you want this or how they look on mech?


can i add to for items in legendary max

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