Premium box with gold

i think f2p can’t buy a lot of premium box (only campagn reward) and without good legendary item you can’t evolve in the game
that why it would be good if 1 premium box could be purchased with 200.000 gold because or 250.000 gold
because im f2p and i need premium box :frowning:

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All premium boxes aren’t guaranteed legendary… :smiling_imp:

ye but we could have good legendary item in premium box only so i need them

you can farm big boy. he gives you a epic item :smiley:

farm big boy insane, the reward is the same as premium box

Not exactly the same, the insane mission definitely gives off a MUCH lower chance for a Legendary item.

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Big Boy even on normal gives a chance for a legendary item, though I have not got one since they changed the boxes from giving 2 cards to 1.

It does happen got 1 yesterday but the chances are so extremely random just like buying premium boxes.
You can get a legendary every few boxes then all of a sudden it takes 75 epic or more before you get a legendary. So the hit miss ratio for getting legendary is literally a CRAP SHOOT.

Good luck to all and to all a good night…

There can be, ONLY ONE!