Premium Box Enhancement

So,I bought a lotta those lately and only got epics…The best part is that most of them were common-epic items and the rest of them were just some other useless epics…
So,here comes the idea:
Remember how in RPGs and other games that use the same concept of loot boxes said something like ‘‘10th time guarantees this item’’?
Yeah,you guessed right!
I think something like this counter should be added.
I am personally very disappointed to spend 3-5 euros worth of tokens every month then get nothing but crap epics.
I get that the chances of them increasing the drop rate of legendaries in the premium boxes are close to 0…However,a ‘‘10th box guarantees legendary’’ feature would be so nice.
I’m thinking of not spending ANY real money whatsoever in this game from now on,prior to the previous attempts (unless you guys add this kind of feature).


Although while 3-5 euros a month ain’t that much at all,it’s the money I work my a*s for.And they do accumulate in time.
So,let me know whatcha think 'bout it:

  • I hope this gets implemented in a future update!
  • No,I don’t think it’s such a great idea.
  • Makes no difference to me anyway…

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This is what I got

I’ll b honest it’s pointless - how many polls have been made regarding various suggestions, I wish even once tacticsoft would pay some attention,

Time to realise you all are wasting time thinking up ideas , have fun spamming instead. . Lol

Unless it’s some idea to double their revenue, it’s pointless


So lucky…

Disappointing …

1st of all…It ain’t that disappointing compared to my case…10+ boxes no legendary…
2nd of all…This thread isn’t for showcasing the loot you got (and many of us didn’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) …It’s to make a suggestion :slight_smile:

Oh wait… It’s a different thread isn’t it…
I just saw SeanChoi1870’name and thought it was this one…

Here’s mine - looks good, then you see the crap :frowning:

Transform relic is counted as a kit ?

Or it could just be a kit… lol

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I was asking, it is 2 kits/relics, or 2 kits, and maybe the 3rd legend is a relic

Oh gotcha…

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They are power kits and therefore useless except as boosting.

The 3rd item was stompers or something.

just add the
not in inventory percentage back

That also happened to me,I opened a premium box(1item only),and when my box lighted yellow,I was so excited then turns out it’s just a hysteria