Premium box 20% sale (28.03)

And @Sarah247 please fixed the poster showing problem

3 premium pack opening…
4 legendary…
1 premium…

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this is Easter sale or there will be another one?

just show this
34 PM

they don t show event name so this might be

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well from 2 packs i got 1 legendary desert fury,i have 2 now so yeah same useless drop rate as always

the trashdropsale
nothing for tokens

that s why i don t trust sale,i get better stuff from fortune box

I got the sparked runners as well <3

No sale or promotion will ever get me to buy tokens for this again.

Maybe if drop rates are shown but I don’t know if I would even believe them.

Drop rates for modules and rare weapons are probably 0% during the sale and maybe always.

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What’s a premium? (Post must be 20 characters.)

item with a transform branch as Legendary-to-Mythical only

Oh. (Post must be 20 Charachters.)