Premium Account cost is absurd


Just been playing a few days and having a lot of fun, so I though hey why not get a premium account? Only to find it is approximately $25 per month… that is more than any real MMO has ever cost!! What are y’all smoking tactisoft?? And on top of that the premium account gets you very little… am I missing something?


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I addressed this topic a couple of months ago here. Take a look pls:


nahhh they’re smoking the almighty BATH SALTs…


I agree that was a very good post about this, some kind of daily reward would make sense (and be pretty much “industry standard” for this type of game.) Now after searching I see that this has been pointed out repeatedly since September… no sign of any change months later.

A few days in as a brand new player, my thoughts are:

  1. This game is super fun
  2. It unfortunately has probably the worst paywall in a pay to win game that I have seen on iOS
  3. The devs care far more about changes that will monetize this rather than addressing what are quite obvious issues with the pay system

I have now also finished reading all over the forum about the essential robbery of all the legacy players whose massive money and time investment was unapologetically erased this summer.

So far I have spent 1 dollar on a daily special in this game. I have plenty of money to spend on games, I spent probably close to 1000 dollars on Mechwarrior Online over the past few years and recently dumped a fair amount into war robots and Battle Bay ( which you most of you guys would probably enjoy if you haven’t checked it out). However, they are going to have to make this look like less of a blatant rip off if they want to attract and keep new players.

Having read the forum I see many mentions of them using funds from this to work on Battle Dawn… BD is currently sitting at a 3.8 on the Apple store. You have a really great game here in super Mechs tacticsoft. Your actions are obviously pissing off your old player base and I feel that new players as well are going to feel alienated by the progression system.


Do yourself a favor and do not spend on this game. That’s all.




why tf would you spend that much on this game?

please refer to this thread.

this is incorrect. Battle Dawn funds are being used on this game. not the other way around. Battle Dawn is a game in which there are less players but those

BD isnt in the app store, as far as i know. it is a browser strategy game. we’ve been asking for a app version but im pretty sure it hasnt been implicated yet.


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What are YOU smoking for actually even considering spending that much?


Add toxic community to the list of complaints above


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