Predictions for halloween


What do you expect at the end of this year’s spooktober ?

  • An offer with 5 preniumm pack for 1000 tokens
  • Platplate/any generic OP item offer for 100$
  • A gold portal
  • An item portal
  • A halloween related special quest
  • Who am i kidding , the game is already dead by the time we reach halloween lmao

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I find that this game is way too expensive… Heyho…
It needs help and some additional things to keep it up…


Seems familiar…


Wow really! It’s not like I made it obvious so people know it’s me and so they know my mechs, therefore making it easier to determine if they want me in their clan…


ddidnt expect the community to be this negative



We came to a point, where we need to be the negativest possible to stay sometimes surprised in the good way…


I expect nothing.
They didn’t give us shit for Christmas and the other holidays in the meanwhile.


When was the last time Tacticsoft did a holiday event?


How about a paintable pumpkin ?


@L4K3 and @rc1 : Actually they use to give Holiday gifts. I think they stopped that 2 or three years ago. This is when they actually cared about the community.


a perk portal which occasionally drops those legacy pumpkin mech perks.


Thanksgiving, where you can fight a boss called Turkeynator with a handful of Last Words shoting chickens and having an higher drop rate for LW…

Not sure if the last TG was last year or before…

But no other event…


JamAnime and YGGM, it’s very sad to hear what L4K3 said: “expect nothing” for the holidays. And then to hear you guys say equally depressing comments. Rip holiday spirit, ousted by the current business model… :bouquet:


I honestly think that it’s bad that we think it’ll be dead by Halloween.


It’s not a depressive but reallistic comment…
After all, it’s a supposation from my side, so I could be wrong ^^
But I doubt…

And Edit on my last post where I stated only TG got an event…
I just remembered myself, we got a paint sale (woah :expressionless:) for Holloween last year…


YGGM, yeah, you’re right. It’s realistic to expect nothing for the holidays…


And at least, if you wait nothing for holidays and TS give us something, you’ll be pleasantly surprised ^^

(that’s my usually philosophy: wait nothing, so you can easily be pleased ^^)



You missed the option I wanted to vote for:

  • Increased drop rates event in premium boxes and premium packs for a new item that will be released without an item portal on Halloween


If Clouded request a poll answer, I’ll do

Could you add the “Paint sale” in the options please ? ^^


YGGM, ah, I see you’re ever the optimist at heart.