Predefined spawn ranges in Raids


So I am facing a problem… Because I always spawn in the same range on raid. It is 7 for first 2 tanks and then it is 3 for mech and 5 for 3rd tank.

I have valiant and crimson so I can do this raid perfectly… But not now.

Or maybe it is tacticsoft mentioned change so they want to some players do raid perfectly and some not?
@Sarah247 already tried to quit raid and enter multiple times, cleared app data too

I will be happy if you can help me because this week I have a chance to be in top 10 :slight_smile:


thats so weird i spawn in different places


Same here.
I think its a new feature so that we cant exploit the preferential spawn.
That means … no more perfect score… unless well we alredy know that.


It’s this way for everyone. I’ve tested the feature a little and I have to say I kinda like it.


Its true , every raid now has its pre-defined spawn.

Crimsons or valiants are your go to weapons for raid now.


So it mean that I need Magma Blast now to do perfect score?
I also have bunker shell which is useless for raids… that mean that we neeed to BUY TOKENS then buy premium packs and find THREE premium weapons… nice

oh wait it also spawn mechs on range 7 and idk if savagery is enough

I am super curious what was the thinking process and how they finished it with “lets lock spawn range”

@Sarah247 can we please get some explanation?
I tag you second time bcs I seriously want to know why TS prefer unfair rules


Impossible. Now, no matter how much you reload, you always get the same configuration of mission.

I have 3 that come out to Valiant range, but they use hook. Can no longer score perfectly in any way.

When the alms are great, even the saint mistrusts (and alms came quite large). That’s right! When I could, I did it, and that they took away what I danced!


@Splatter How can you edit my topic?

And I wouldn’t call it fixed. It will be fixed when spawn range will be random.


I’ve renamed your topic to ‘predefined’, hope you like it more.
(I’ve changed its title in the first place so that people may know what it’s discussed here just looking at the title).


Oh well, my bad. English is not my native language :confused:


Don’t worry, mine neither, and it’s always possible to misunderstood something.
I’ve posted that link just because I wanted you to see I haven’t tried to change your topic meaning based on my willing, but I’ve edited its title just to describe better what it’s discussed into it :slightly_smiling_face:


This just made the raid easier for premium players and premium item users easier. Now players without cramson raptur or other legendary/myth items weaker. While previously you could reload the page until you were in a range of the corupt light and overheat the enemy in one turn. This is just another fix that benefits the payers.


Don’t think so, people complaining are mostly the ones who cannot reload for spawning at Crimson Rapture/Valiant Sniper range.


Yup you are right. I have both weapons and… I am not even near perfect. To perfect you need corrupt and savagery. It didn’t spawn bots in range 1 so crimson was useless yesterday.

But now I have bigger problem bcs 1.2k tokens dissapeared (already made topic about it).


Hope the team can look into it and help you!


I wasn’t talking about who complains the most. I said non-payers lose more with this fix.


I’m just assuming who camplain the most is who is losing the most.
I’m actually ranked better than last week using non premium weapons.


They are complaining because they can’t finish some raids perfectly. But no other players can either (except cheaters) so they are almost as the same position in the rankings as last week. But for example against these energy mechs which has 78 heat cap the game puts you in range one. The premium player can use its crimson rapture to overheat it and get no damage. But a nonpremium player needs to use its corrupt light so he is going to get some damage. Eventually they payers are going to get some damage too because some ranges just suck for every item. But a player who has all the available items will make a better score than a non payer. Non.payers were able to use the refresh page stuff to be more competent in the raid against payers.


That was already happening before. People with Valiant, Crimson and Magma/Bunker were doing a better score than non premium players through refreshing, no matter what.
What changed now is that premium players aren’t able to perfect every raid till Raid 6.

At the end of the day if they will do better than non premium players nothing will be changed from before, but there’s also a chance that the gap between f2p and p2w will be shortened a little with this new method.
Or it will be the same or it will be more balanced with those changes the way I see it.
Plus it will be easier to spot cheaters/buggers.


Yeah maybe you are right.
About spotting the cheaters: not like it matters because TS does nothing against them. And if they do… probably won’t work this time either.