Pray for Good Items - RNGesus Edition - General Thread


Pray for good items here. More likes you get on the post equals more luck.

1 like is +0.5% of getting said item in the coming week. Only pray for 1 item per post and no double posting.


Lord RNGesus, I pray for a regen module, a bucket of chicken, and some tasty peanuts. Amen.


i pray to the almighty mecha gods to get 10 magma blasts, 40.18 max proteccs, and 50 plat plates

thx in advance. Amech.


I pray to Lord RNGesus for Rolling Beasts.


1 item per prayer, please.


I pray to Lord RNGesus for two Valiant Snipers.


I pray to Lord RNGesus for a Windforge…


1 item per post
No double posting


Okay, nevermind. You clearly don’t understand the concept of a thread like this. See this thread for a good example: What is your “Great White Whale”?


We must keep it organized or else RNGesus will be angery