PR and Bad Communications

I have noticed one thing that bugs me, when something happens on supermechs be it an update, glitch or anything, tacticsoft says nothing. They do not make an announcement or anything. Panic ensues as people freak the hell out.
@taticsoft why do you do this?
If you would just tell your community what is going on you would skip a lot of grief.


I find communication abominable. I’ve never experienced such poor response from devs in any game, ever. I don’t understand it.

I also don’t understand how they can take years of work and money on all the players and just push the delete button. I’m sure they got money out of it as players buy items again but I don’t trust them. I wouldn’t be at all surprised next week to log in and find everything deleted again. I can’t believe they accepted 100s of dollars even in the week leading up the massive nerf on everything every player owned - either earned in-game or purchased. Even dividing our currency by 10!

We all ran out of money, what was the reason to divide our currency, divide our power, and nerf all our gear? You can’t say it’s “balance” or to make things “fair” or “less pay to win” because everyone can buy it all back (if they trust the devs) it just costs even more than it did, and the power gap is much larger!

Like the legendary-drop only hp mod? TWICE the hps of the one you can get from playing campaign at the exact same weight!

And at the end of it all, again, zero communication. I’ve tried forums, I’ve tried support, nobody will make a comment on the fact that some people emptied their wallets for this game and it all gets deleted with zero compensation. I’ve never used money-grab to describe a game before, even all the p2w games, but this, was a money-grab.

  1. Accept money right up to the date of the patch.
  2. Tell us our mythicals will become “legacy” and we get to keep them. Fail to tell us that during the rebalancing the items will all be useless post-patch.
  3. All the new items are not just “better”, they’re insanely better.
  4. Your old items you paid are not just next to useless, you can’t even keep them and keep playing - you must fuse them!
  5. Your powerkits you had been purchasing to powerup your items mean nothing. A 512k fused power item is worth 15k post-patch.
  6. Your currency is divided by 10! Why?!
  7. Not even commenting on the new patch (and the insane cost to get 3 viable mechs for a 3v3, I can’t do it).
  8. Zero compensation. Pray I don’t alter the deal further.
  9. Zero communication after the fact. Some can give supermechs 1000$, supermechs deletes it - NO COMMENT.

NO COMMENT NO COMMENT NO COMMENT. Where is the communication? Why are we operating in a vaccuum here? There’s visual patches going on, but why is nobody talking to us?


10 Another thing about those fully fused “legacy” items - they *couldn’t be used to transform any of new items…

*Past tense because yeah, I flushed all those months of hard work and cash down the toilet for one ''new" mech.


That explain a lot (Aeg…) oh sorry - a typo, Andernut !


And yes, @ToxicDoll is 100% right !

I :sparkling_heart: her !


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Preach! Church!!! you are so right with this…I mean…fudge.

Perhaps all the panic and hysteria of a silent and non-existent PR team is part of the gameplay experience that we fail to understand…

In any case… new update, everyone … PANIC! :scream:


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Access to the changelog would be so nice.


[details=Changelog]New Version:

More shitty content


More content to get people get angry


Yup so true.

Devs where are you?!

Scbooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

I wonder even more, why they do not anounce the few positiv things they do for the game, like the “Fortune Box” or the “Unicorn-horn” as just two examples !