Powerkit questions


I hear there are power kit hoarders and that there’s something special about them but I don’t know what are so special about them aside from the fact that you can’t use them as weapons? Please someone clarify what makes them unique? Thanks.


LOL you got me, I’d like to know the answer to that one too.
They’re just fuse kits with the ability to be increased but it’s a money trap with boost point loss from each item you put into it instead of fusing direct to bot item.

EXAMPLE I just ran a check on my stuff.
EPIC Power Unit LVL 1 = 3500 Boost Power
ADD another EPIC Power Unit LVL 1 to the first it only increases it +560
making it an EPIC Power Unit LVL 5 = 4060 Boost Power.

SO instead of just boosting a bot item with 2 EPIC Power Unit LVL 1
giving that item 7000 Boost Power you made a Power Unit that only has 4060 Boost Power
wasting 2940 in boost points just to make 1 bigger Power Unit out of 2 Power Units plus the extra SM each time you boost.

Plus keep in mind when fusing items if you use ELE items to fuse into ELE items you get more than if you used EXP or PYS items. Same goes for fusing LEGs to LEGs you get more than if you used a WEAPON on a LEG.
It’s not a lot but there is a difference.

So best option when possible fuse
same for
etc etc etc for each item group to get MAX boost points.


I think the main problem is their math !

In their country there seems to be a different math !

I have no other explanation for that ALL !



Best tip I have is not to upgrade power kits. Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. There is a significant power loss. :frowning:

Unless that changed.


And theyre double taxation, you pay to upgrade the kit, then pay again to upgrade the mech. Maybe worth it if you have stupid money and not enough inventory, but then why not apply it to a part to make a legendary for boosting to a myth.


You know what would have been really great? If boosting power kits did not cost gold… then there is no power loss…

and lastly, if power kits were not counted as part of inventory…

But that is just wishful thinking. :slight_smile:


It’s called the Killary Rodham Clinton taxation technique where the money goes directly in her pocket. TS learned the same technique. You get taxed on every breathe you take ( polluted air included FREE of charge though )