Post your weaknesses in arena here!


This is basically a thread where you can post your main reasons why you’d lose a battle or your main weaknesses…

  1. Line up
  2. RNG
  3. Double heat mechs
  4. Valiant Sniper (Someting I need)

  1. High resistance mechs
  2. Starting close to enemy with maxed emp


My choices…



Because, with 3000 hp and 100 resistance you don’t have weakness.


Weakness = not owner of 10 platinum plates


That one is actually full of weaknesses…


I imagine.


2.double heatbomb
3.triple heatbomb i am serious. this happened to me
4.mechs with 2500-3000HP
5.mechs with 800-1000 energy
6.swearer mechs
7.bad internet
8.low battery




it burned me to nearly 1200 heat… XD


brains… brains make a lot of troubles

  1. Dual valiants
  2. Energy cap higher than 700
  3. Dual vandal + dual magma blast
  4. phys with over 98 elec res


5 is enough these days. Faking recesion…


High resistance physicals xD and other heaters… But just for now :3

  1. High Drain Energy Mechs
  2. High Hp Energy Mechs
  3. Energy Mech with Valiant Sniper and EMP
  4. Bad Internet
  5. Sometimes Boiler mechs

But all I suck against is Energy…


Haha noobs my mech donsn’t have weakness


because opponent mechs will get a generator-breakopposite of the heart-break after seeing this xd


Weaknesses: this person:



No, weakness = not owner of Mighty Protector x2 or/and Maximum Protector x2.
All those phys mechs with high energy and high heat stats and a Maximum or Mighty Protector making them almost invulnerable to any mech that does not have a Maximum or Mighty Protector itself to wheather out their attacks.


Thats a lot of things on one mech.